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Almanac of Games for June 15th: Hunting with a Camera!

On June 15, 1902, the 20th Century Limited began service

The 20th Century Limited is the most famous of American trains, with its own movie and Broadway musical.1

Designers Jeff & Carla Horger have created a game inspired by that most romantic of trains. In their blog, started back in Feb. 2012, they document the game’s development. At one point, Mayfair held the option to publish but had to pass due to a full schedule. Eventually, the Horgers got ownership back and recently promised that there will be an announcement soon from a “major publisher.”

Now, if you want a game you could actually play today
June 15th is Nature Photography Day

Safari, a two-player game originally published as Tricky Safari (2010), was adapted online for In the game, you chase 10 wild animal species (squirrels are considered ‘wild’) around a large obstacle-filled checkerboard. First player to get himself in good position to take photos of all 10 wins the game. Designer Corné van Moorsel (username: cwali) doesn’t mind if you play online, he even encourages it. And he was also the driving force behind another online game site,


Now, if you want a game you could actually play today, on a tabletop
On June 15, 1836, Arkansas became the 25th state

Arkansas Bluff was published by Parker Brothers in 1975. Think of it as Liar’s Cards instead of Liar’s Dice.2 License plates with 6 numbers on them are pictured on each card, and players bluff from those instead of dice. At least there are no noisy dice…

1You’ll be waiting a looooong time for Ticket to Ride: The Musical.

2Parker Bros. doesn’t suggest that people from Arkansas are good Liars, just good Bluffers. Especially the folks from Pine Bluff.

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