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Almanac of Games for June 8th: Vikings! Fishing!

(carried off by Drew Davidson)


On June 8, 793, Vikings raided Northumbria, England, looting and sacking the abbey at Lindisfarne.

History geeks know it as that episode in history where the North meets the West, ushering in the beginning of the Viking Age.

Pop culture geeks know it as that episode of Vikings where Ragnar meets Athelstan, ushering in the beginning of a Beautiful Friendship.

Game geeks know it as the launching pad for a half-dozen quality Viking-themed tabletop games.

My recommendation for recreating this pivotal time in history is Fire & Axe: A Viking Saga (2007, ranked 95/100 among all games on Board Game Geek). First, let me warn you: it’s out-of-print and sought-after; used copies are priced north of $100. But maybe you can find one at a thrift store for a dollar…

Modern Vikings still sack, but they don’t pillage.

At first, it seems like a basic pick-up-deliver game. That is, delivering a world of hurt to coastal Europe.

Added to the raiding-and-trading is a unique movement mechanic, influenced by the wind. Action lovers will enjoy the seven actions you get each turn!

This is a campaign level game, so you don’t have to get your hands bloody with hacking and slaying.


Still, if you prefer a more accessible game, and a less violent option for your Sunday tabletop, keep in mind that it’s National Fishing & Boating Week!

Seasoned fisherman getting off on that adrenaline rush

My recommendation for the best way to recreate the thrill-a-minute rush that is competitive fishing is …

Hey, That’s My Fish! (2003, ranked 93/100 among Family Games on Board Game Geek) It’s an simple little cross-generation abstract strategy game … with Penguins!

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