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ENGN 147 – Heroes of Aerion, and the Psychology of Cheating in Content Creation

We have more game reviews this week, as well as something of a follow-up on last week’s conversation about the psychology of cheating in board games. We welcome Anthony back to the show to discuss Aerion, the latest in the Oniverse series (3:55), then Jason talks about a unique, push-your-luck take on deckbuilding, Heroes of Tenefyr (14:01).

Finally, Jason revisits the topic of the psychology of cheating, but in a different way. The board gaming community became wrapped up in some controversy this past week – a creator was noted for committing plagiarism on their blog. A lot of “naming and shaming” happened, as well as people wondering why anyone would be driven to plagiarize. Jason shares about some of the pit traps that creators can face – they’re much more common than you might think.

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