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ENGN 170 – PAX Unplugged 2019 Recap

Jason was lucky enough to visit PAX Unplugged earlier this month, and is eager to share about his experiences! Like the last few PAX recaps, not only does Jason give his own perspective (this time as a demoer for Starling Games teaching Everdell to 36 different groups), but we also hear from a few friends. All of these voices should be very familiar to regular ENGN listeners – Liz Davidon, Michael Kelley, Jeremy Howard, Brenna Noonan, Mike Dilisio, and more!

In additon, we also have previews from some big upcoming projects in 2020 – Frosthaven from Cephalophair Games, Return to Dark Tower from Restoration Games, and Final Girl from Van Ryder Games. Jason also shows Van Ryder double love with a quick review of Bees: The Secret Kingdom.

We at ENGN hope that everyone is having a very happy and healthy holiday season!

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