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ENGN Episode 151 – SpaceCorp 2025 – 2300 AD and On Ramp to Wargaming

We have two separate segments for you this week. First, Brandt from the Portal Gaming Podcast joins Jason to chat about SpaceCorp 2025-2300 AD, a card driven space exploration game that plays more like a Euro than what we’re used to from GMT.

Second, Jason and Liz are joined by a listener, Tommy Ray, to chat about how they have recently gotten into wargaming. There’s a lot of barriers to overcome – where to start, how to get used to the massive time investment, becoming a part of that community, etc. We break it all down, including some game talk about favorites like GMT’s Falling Sky and DVG’s Thunderbolt Apache Leader. We hope this helps you open up another avenue of gaming in your life.

In Liz we Trust – Cosmic Run: Express –

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