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ENGN Episode 152 – Shapers of Land, Air and Sea, and How to Moderate Folks who Disagree

Jason welcomes good friend Gary Pope from the Dice Tower to talk about… uh, talking!

Games first, though. Jason shares about World Shapers, a rare drafting game with a solo variant from Board&Dice that attempts to put its own spin and advance upon games like 7 Wonders and Tides of Time. Then, Gary sings the praises of one of his favorite games over the past few years, Heroes of Land, Air, and Sea.

For our discussion, Jason and Gary pull from their experiences as a marriage counselor and forum moderator, respectively, to chat about how we help people who disagree talk to one another. Is it possible to strike a balance between keeping forum spaces safe, but also allowing critical conversation? What can we do when people start to take conversations personally? We get into these and many other questions.

In Liz We Trust – Burgle Bros 2 –

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