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Episode 120 – If You Like Gloomhaven, Try…

One of the standout, out of nowhere hits of 2017 thus far is Gloomhaven. Isaac Childres’ opus of a game came out of nowhere and wowed everyone who had a chance to play it, driving nearly $4m in Kickstarter pledges in a reprint campaign in April.

While those who have the game are likely still digging through the content, the vast majority of the rest who couldn’t find a copy are left wondering what else can I play? That’s what this episode is for.

This week, Anthony and Chris dig into 6 games you might like if you’re currently pining for Gloomhaven. These are games that use some of the same unique mechanisms, twists on familiar mechanics and more to provide an engrossing gameplay experience. While not the same style of game and not necessarily dungeoncrawls, these campaign-style, dungeon-esque games task players with finding unique, puzzle-like solutions to familiar gameplay problems. And most of them are in print and available.

Also this week, Anthony and Chris preview Archmage, coming to Kickstarter soon and Manhattan Project 2: Minutes to Minute, and review Sagrada and Quartz. We also look at the 12 Realms: Dungeonland Kickstarter campaign, now live, and discuss some of our recent answers to our questions of the day.

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