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BGA Episode 124 – If You Like Santorini, Try…

This week on BGA, Anthony and Chris sit down to discuss abstract games, in particular Santorini and games you might like if you also like this instant classic from Roxley Games. Digging into six games that are similar in some ways to Santorini, we provide a few insights into how you can find new games to match your playing preferences.

Acquisition Disorders

First up this week is a pair of acquisition disorders to look forward to this summer. Anthony kicks things off with Paramedics: CLEAR! a new game from Smirk and Dagger releasing at Gen Con that we had a chance to check out at Origins. Next up Chris digs into Founders of Gloomhaven, the euro prequel to Gloomhaven that expands the lore of the universe Cephalofair Games has created in a new format.

At the Table

At the table this week, Anthony digs into Unearth, the first non-Boss Monster release from Brotherwise Games, and a clever set collection production with fantastic artwork. Chris digs into an equally pretty game with Kanagawa, a game he had a chance to get to the table recently.

Feature: If You Like Santorini, Try…

Finally, the guys dig into games you might like if you also like Santorini. A simple abstract game with spectacular production quality, Santorini pits two players against each other in building three story buildings and blocking their opponents from climbing up those very building.

Anthony looks at three grid-movement games in the same style including Yinsh, The Duke, and Tash Kalar, while Chris digs into three tile-placement games including Acquire, Blokus, and Tsuro of the Seas. There are a lot of fantastic abstract games out there and many that fit into the same mold as Santorini, but these six will give you something to play if you’re looking for a twist on what makes Santorini so much fun and so different from Chess or Go.

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