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Episode 23 – Battlelore: Second Edition

Now this is one we’ve been waiting for for a while. Battlelore: Second Edition finally arrives and we’re excited to sit down and get it to the table. Anthony, Chris, Dan and Kim all get a shot at this wonderful, newly revised two player game and share their thoughts on it as a two player experience, an upgrade from the first edition and a skirmish battler. We also talk about Terra Mystica again, this time with a full five players, and the new expansion for Boss Monster, Tools of Hero Kind.

At the Table

This week we managed to get a good number of games to the table, which means a whole lot of gaming fun to be had by the group. To start we brought back Terra Mystica and sat down with five players to test the limits of the game’s board to accommodate so many cities. It was tense.

Next up, Dan and Kim talk about Pathfinder Adventure Card Game and how it plays for both newbies and those who have invested a bit of time. Anthony also brings the new expansion for Boss Monster to the table and the team talks about how Tools of Hero Kind offers a unique experience beyond the base game, and Dan and Chris play through Pixel Tactics, another two player battle game, but on a much smaller scale.

Feature Review: Battlelore: Second Edition

For our feature review this week, we sit down with the newest from Fantasy Flight Games – Battlelore Second Edition. This revision of Richard Borg’s classic command and colors system game is finally out and we have a chance to sit down and play through it a few times.

Learn what makes this game unique to other games in the series and how it updates and streamlines a lot of what came with the original Battlelore system. Is it worth picking up when you own the original? Find out in our review.

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