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Episode 263 – Our Friends’ Favorite Games: War of the Ring with Andrew Parks

To kick things off this week we look at the listeners’ responses to the question of the week around their responses to the Asmodee parts replacement policy change.

In acquisition disorders this week, Anthony looks at Tumble Town, a new dice stacking game on Kickstarter now, and Chris looks at the Merlin Deluxe Big Box from Queen Games, the all-in-collection for Stefan Feld’s Merlin.

At the table this week, Anthony played Little Town, a light and breezy little resource game that he had a blast playing with his son. Chris (and Anthony) both had a chance to play Trial by Trolley as well.

Finally, in the feature, Anthony and Chris are joined by Andrew Parks, founder of Quixotic Games, and a long time game designer and developer. Andrew has worked on Star Trek Frontiers, Dungeon Alliance, Core Worlds, and much more, and joins the guys to talk about two of his favorite games – War of the Ring and Through the Ages.

Plus Andrew has HUGE news about the status of his company, a beloved IP coming home, and some upcoming projects on the horizon.

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