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Episode 29 – Freedom: The Underground Railroad

The guys get together this week and look at four admittedly light games and then one big heavy, emotionally powerful co-op game in Freedom: The Underground Railroad. We’ll be discussing a number of important game related goings on, including the upcoming convention season as well as our most recent Kicking the Habit segment. Then we’ll dive into a quick review of Knuckle Sammich, High Tail It, and Turkey My Mayonnaise.

At the Table

Lots of gaming to discuss this week with a handful of discussions about recent games hitting the table. To start, the team discusses Knuckle Sammich, a game they picked up at Pax a couple months ago and that has a lot of similarities to Love Letter with a good number of additions that spice it up. Next up they talk about Daniel’s favorite new trick taking game, Turkey My Mayonnaise, and a Kickstarter project that was sent to the guys recently, Dubious Alliance.

Finally, Drew brings out an interesting family-friendly racing game in High Tail It. With a slingshot catchup mechanic and a boat load of AP to work through, this was an interesting one. Anthony also discusses his recent trip to Pittsburgh and what the gaming scene looks like there.

Feature Review: Freedom the Underground Railroad

Freedom the Underground Railroad from Academy Games has been getting its fair share of buzz in recent months, including a number of award nominations from the Dice Tower Network in advance of this year’s awards announcements. It’s a popular game to talk about, and we received a copy from a good friend to review.

After sitting down to play through the game a couple of times and to discuss the historical and emotional merits of the game, alongside its general performance as a cooperative gaming experience, we render our verdict. Is it worth the accolades or are there issues to address here.

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