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Episode 339 – 8th Anniversary Special!

Eight years! How did time pass so quickly? It’s once again time for our annual anniversary special in which we look at the last year, including our favorite segments of the last ~50+ shows. 

First up, though, is our question of the week: As we get into the latter part of the summer, what is your favorite game release of 2021 thus far?

Favorite Acquisition Disorders: On Mars: Alien Invasion by Vital Lacerda & Ian O’Toole (335), Villagers: Shifting Seasons (333), Isle of Cats: Don’t Forget the Kittens (328), Paperback Adventures – A Novel Solo Word Game (326)

Favorite At the Table Reviews: Praga Caput Regni (309), Nidavellir (319), Lost Ruins of Arnak (298), Root: The Clockwork Expansion (316)

Favorite Features of the Last Year: Top Ten Board Game Expansion Types* (333), Ultimate Use Rosenberg Tier List! (312 – YouTube:

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