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Episode 58 – Top Ten Games that Need to Be App Games

While the crew is a little light this week with Anthony and Drew out and about (doing who knows what), Chris and Daniel have a solid collection of games they got to the table, along with a pair of hot new games for acquisition disorders and a brand new feature from Daniel. Topping it all off is a list of ten games that should be made into app games.

Shout it from the Tabletop

Drew is out but Chris and Daniel fill in nicely with a discussion of Dreamation 2015, the upcoming Morristown, NJ convention the guys will be attending this week, news about the 7 Wonders app game, and discussion of online D&D gaming, including recent updates and news on that front.

Acquisition Disorder Corner

Two hot new games that elicit the age of the gods make it to the acquisition disorder list this week with Elysium and Deus. Both games are available now and have been buzzed about heavily in recent months. Learn what the guys are most excited about in both games and take your pick for how long it takes them to go out and pick them up.

At the Table

Chris played his way through four major backlog games this week – all of which have been on the list for quite some time. Listen to his thoughts on Yedo, a worker placement game about Japanese intrigue, KeyFlower, Concordia, and Rococo. All four games are slated to make it back to the table for the rest of the guys to join in, but learn which ones may just jump to the “buy” list for Chris.

Analyze the Dweomer

Daniel has a brand new segment covering all things tabletop RPG, specifically Dungeons and Dragons 5e. As one of the most complete and accessible role playing games released in a long time, D&D 5e is taking the hobby by storm, and Daniel is playing his way through all of the classes, starting with the Cleric. Listen to learn more of this thoughts on the game as a whole and how the Cleric in 5e compares to past editions.

Top Ten Games that Need to be App Games

For this week’s feature, the guys look at 10 games that would make excellent app games. As the market for iPad versions of popular board games only continues to grow (and Kickstarter campaigns pop up nearly monthly to fund them), there are plenty of games that have not yet gotten the app treatment. These 10 games would be incredible additions to that list and hopefully we’ll see them in the not too distant future.

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