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Episode 75 – Gamer FAQs: Everything You Need to Know About Gamer Terms

This week, Anthony and Chris sit down to talk about some of the jargon we toss around on our episodes, at the game store, and with our gaming groups. From the moment we got into gaming, the language posed something of a barrier – a blockade that kept us from actually engaging at the same level as everyone around us. Pretty standard fare for a hobby with such a rabid fan base.

But to help new gamers out there or those who aren’t ready to admit they don’t quite know what certain terms mean, we present our full breakdown of the most important terms in gaming with some fun stories and anecdotes to go with them. We’ll also be talking about Bohnanza and Evolution at the table this week, and a couple of pending 2015 releases for our Acquisition Disorders.

Acquisition Disorder Corner

Anthony jumped this week at the mention of a new expansion for War of the Ring. One of his favorite games, War of the Ring has so many opportunities for continued expansion, and this new one – Warriors of Middle Earth – promises to bring a lot more to the table.

Chris is equally excited to fill more slots in his giant Smash Up box with the new Munchkin Smash Up on the way from AEG. Bringing two franchises together into a single experience, this is one Chris will certainly snag on day one.

At the Table

Anthony, Chris and Daniel got a chance to play Bohnanza with a large group a couple weeks ago and had a blast doing it. From the speed of the deck clearing out to the raucus wheeling and dealing of a large group, it was a fantastic play through. Chris also talks about his recent play through of Evolution in its finished production version – a game we had some issues with while it was on Kickstarter. Learn whether the changes are enough to put it back in the conversation for a play or buy.

Feature: Gamer FAQs – Everything You Need to Know About Gamer Terms

Finally, in our feature this week, we’re looking at gamer terms, from A to Z. Learn what we think of the most common language in the gamer lexicon and what these terms meant to us on our feature review. Goofy stories, possible ignorance, and a laundry list of fun terms ahead.

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