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Spinning-Off: Kicking the Habit segment to become its own series

One of the main segments of the BGA podcast has been the segment ‘Kicking the Habit’, where we discuss Kickstarter news relating to tabletop gaming. However, Kickstarter changes too quickly for us to provide good coverage under our current podcasting schedule. To try and get you better news faster, we have decided to spin-off ‘Kicking the Habit’ into its own series of  articles, audio, and video content here on the site. The final format is still being worked out, but we are very excited to be giving special attention to the increasingly influential role of Kickstarter campaigns on tabletop gaming.

The primary goal of Kicking the Habit is to keep you up to date about Kickstarter campaigns at every level, from projects just kicking off to ones that have cleared the goalposts. We are going to put special effort into covering new projects from small designers that might otherwise get overlooked, and to publish coverage fast enough for our coverage to make a difference to the success of these campaigns. At the same time, we are still going to cover the bigger campaigns to make sure you don’t miss out on anything.

Our first episode will air within the next two weeks, and and we have an amazing lineup.

Most exciting, we will interview Brandon Raasch about his new ‘Dubious Alliance’ campaign, which funded in 12 hours. We are going to talk about game design, running a Kickstarter, and building awareness for a campaign. Brandon is a great example of a new designer taking a game from concept to completion, so all you aspiring game designers out there will definitely want to listen in.

On top of that, I am going to give a detailed review of Dubious Alliance and Evolution, and tell you what to expect if you jump in to fund them.  We are also going to talk about Ares Games’s breakaway success with their recent ‘Galaxy Defenders – The Earth Strikes Back’ Kickstarter campaign, and see what we can learn from it. Who knows, maybe we can unlock the secret to a successful Kickstarter campaign.

If you have questions, concerns, or kickstarter recommendations – kick it our way in the comments.

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