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Table For One Episode 6 – Oniverse Special

This week, I have a very special guest on the podcast – Jason Perez. Jason is a long time listener and a fan of solo games, in particular the Oniverse games we’ll be talking about on today’s episode.

This is one of those cornerstone game series that every solo gamer has heard of and most have played or picked up at some point. So we’re going to focus the entire episode this week on these three games. We’ll be talking about what we like about them, how often we play them, where they have issues, and which of the three you should pick up first if you’re just getting into solo gaming or somehow don’t own one yet.

First up is our discussion of Onirim, the dream-like game of finding doors and fending off nightmares. Next we discuss Sylvion, a tower-defense style game of fighting off the evil fire elementals from destroying the forest at the heart of Oniverse. Finally, we’ll dive into Castellion, the newest game in the series – a spatial tile laying game in which you must build a castle to defeat the encroaching hoards, all while dealing with traitors among your people.

While all three of Shadi Torbey’s Oniverse games are brilliant in their own way, we come to a consensus early on which is a better pick up for your collection. If you’re thinking about snagging one, listen to this episode to learn where you should start, what you should watch out for, and what situations each is best in. And keep an eye out for the newest Oniverse game, hitting game stores around the end of the year – Nautlion.

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