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The Reddit Report for 8/23: Best games for an Egyptian-themed game night

(The Reddit Report is a weekly look at the most interesting and informative Reddit threads & comments, published every Saturday.)

It was a great week for WSIGs. Normally when someone asks “What Should I Get?” they’re looking for something that’s been asked about dozens of times already. These sorts of questions can get old.

But this past week on Reddit, submitters were actually looking for games that no one else has asked about, at least in quite some time. If you’ve asked any of these questions yourself, check the threads for some great suggestions.


For example, what are the best Egypt theme board games for a themed dinner party? (submitted by MoosiPunch) That idea could also be a great launching point for a series of themed parties centered on all the old world powers: Babylon, Persia, Greece, Rome.


In the olden days (think Mad Men era), couples used to come together for game nights, usually Bridge or some other “classic” team game like that. There are not a lot of true team games made anymore, but there are a lot of social situations where a game like that would be perfect. So, any suggestions for good 2v2 games for couples? (submitted by gummypandas)


Many gamers have asked about the best word games to get, but rarely do you get the question from one of the preeminent game cafés in Canada. They’re broadening their selection from just cardboard to appeal to a wider variety of gamers. What are the best word games? asks the staff at Monopolatte.


Board Game Geek includes Language Dependence as one of the descriptive categories on each game’s page. However, it’s impossible to filter a search to produce a list of games with little or no language dependence. So, it’s valid to ask, what are the best games for playing with someone that doesn’t speak your language? (submitted by meretalk)


When I first read the request for easy simple games for a wedding reception, I thought the Bride & Groom wanted to lead the wedding party in a rousing game of Cards Against Humanity or something like that. No, it was just an attendee wondering what little games could best be played in a dim, noisy banquet hall, by people who had no interest in dancing. (submitted by lachraug)


Believe it or not, there is a lot of need for solo games that scale for two. You see this type of request from husbands who are trying to interest their wives in gaming, but want a fall-back option in case the wife just isn’t agreeable. In short, the husband needs to buy games that play as well for 2, as for just himself. (submitted by RainCityRaul)


Are you a Redditor, too? If I missed something interesting from Reddit that you want to share, let me know in the Comments!

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