Episode 348 – If You Like Squid Game, Try…

There’s a little show you may have heard of: Squid Game. This week we’re looking at games you might like try if you’re a fan of the show, or if you want to have a good fight with your friends, without the mortal fear part.

First up, though, is our question of the week: Who is your board game rival/archnemesis?

  • Acquisition Disorders: Grove, spielbox 2022
  • At the Table: Fox in the Forest (Steam), Clash of Decks

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00:00.00 Chris:  Welcome board gamers anonymous to podcast with board gamers and the insane fun. We have at the table together. This is chris and this is episode 3 hundred and forty 8 if you like squid games try these other games.
00:06.38 Anthony:  Hey and this is Anthony: .
00:18.18 Chris:  We like to thank all of our patreon backers for helping us bring you a brand new episode all right? Everyone thank you for being here this week we’re so glad to have you all join us, please take a teal jumpsuit from the side. Get your number and sit down as. We talk about 1 of the cultural phenomenons of the world going on right now which is squid games.
00:44.18 Anthony:  Yeah, yeah, who who saw that coming squid game like how many how much how many millions and millions of dollars do all of these different channels spend I saw a thing saying that they spend I think 2 point four million dollars per episode for squid game right? There’s nine episodes.
00:47.89 Chris:  Ah.
01:02.50 Chris:  Sure.
01:04.00 Anthony:  And so like 20 million dollars something Netflix spent for this show and that it has had an impact for them of nine hundred million dollars like just in terms of their valuation and everything compare that to like stranger things 8 million an episode or the crown is 10 million an episode. It’s like you know what? it’s the game part. It’s the game part. You all didn’t We knew we knew you could have asked us at any point we would have helped you out Netflix but gets you figured it out on your own.
01:29.95 Chris:  Yeah, and again it it is the game part and we’re so glad to bring you another game game games I guess right? It’s it’s like the meta of all games. It’s the Murder mario cart party game situation.
01:44.28 Anthony:  Yeah, right.
01:46.30 Chris:  That ah, you never thought you would get and yet here we are so I will be your frontman for this episode and obviously thanks to all of our patreon and backers who wear giant gold sparkly masks every day that were able to bring you this brand new episode in which we talk about board games that are. Just as fun, but not as lethal right? not as lethal but we we agreed on that right? that was yeah but we can’t guarantee it zero. That’s the thing we want to say is.
02:12.17 Anthony:  It’s definitely less. We can we can confirm. We cannot guarantee it zero. No not these types of games. You don’t know you don’t I don’t know what goes on in your own living rooms. Maybe you know it’s something we don’t talk about anymore.
02:22.40 Chris:  And.
02:28.38 Chris:  It’s true and again I think it’s 1 of those things where like you got to be careful because you never know what you get so ah you know you might be ah I don’t know let’s say you have a triangle or a square or a circle. It seems like a playstation controller could be something incredibly worse right? um.
02:43.26 Anthony:  Ah, yeah, yes.
02:46.32 Chris:  But ah or I don’t know maybe we Anthony:  Maybe you and I are technically the salesman right? where we’re getting people to play you know games to kind of get started and engage in the hobby and then at some point hey you’ve been listening these episodes. How would you like to make a ridiculous amount of money right? ah.
02:54.80 Anthony:  Brother. Ah.
03:03.99 Anthony:  Yeah, so are we are we slapping anybody or.
03:06.20 Chris:  You know? oh.
03:10.75 Chris:  Ah, well yeah, in a way in a way have you seen Kickstarter I mean come on man is that well I’m sticking as a frontman because that’s that’s honestly where you want to be from most times. So.
03:15.58 Anthony:  Yeah, well, that’s true. So I think Kickstarter then might be the sales person is it never buddies money.
03:30.57 Chris:  If you have not seen the squid games. Do not Worry. We will not spoil squid games but we will talk about it in a very general format which is generally the idea that I don’t know the 1 spoiler will have which like I guess is so super minor that you will not freak out because if anyone’s seen any level of it. There’s player elimination. Right? I think we could say that right.
03:51.18 Anthony:  But yeah, yeah I think if it yeah if you don’t know that I don’t know what you’re doing right.
03:58.33 Chris:  So We’re saying shapes colors games and player elimination there you go. That’s that’s as as deep as we’re going to get into it. So don’t freak Out. We’re not going to ruin it for you. We Why make sure everyone has a good time and you’ve listened to the podcast before. So We do not spoil things for our illustrious listeners and especially you everybody out there. We don’t want to do that and again if we did our patreons with there’s super shiny gold masks of different animals would come get us in the middle of the night. So We’re definitely not doing that. So. Ah, you are completely safe for the time being. But again we might convince you to buy a board game or 2 unintentionally I mean I don’t I don’t know how that keeps happening but it’s mostly me buying games but you know who knows yeah so I only have myself to blame but nonetheless I have left the games.
04:42.39 Anthony:  Yeah, yeah, yeah.
04:50.68 Chris:  Got pulled back in and here we are so that will be our feature review So stick with us as we talk about the greatest in those player elimination games that we think that you’re going to want to get to the table because as squid games continues to blow up big Time. You’re probably going to get a lot of friends whether they’re gamers or not ask you. Hey. What do you have? That’s kind of like that. Well we got the games for you. But Anthony:  before we go into that Obviously Ss Spiel has wrapped up So Hopefully everyone had a great time. There. Hopefully everyone was like super super safe like super safe. And obviously we’ll get to learn more about those games and the big releases as the next days and weeks comes out so we’ll talk a little bit ah about that as time goes on. But Anthony:  there’s something. That’s even more important all of our great friends out there in those teal jumpsuits.
05:40.56 Anthony:  All right question of the week this week ah who’s your board game rival that 1 person you face off against the most or was want a beat when you play right? So it might be might be related to our theme today. No spoilers. Um.
05:40.78 Chris:  What’s our question the week
05:45.42 Chris:  Um, yeah, ah, it’s true. No spoilers man I Know what you’re talking about.
05:58.80 Anthony:  No ah all right? So we got a lot of good answers here. Ah some some of them are pretty pretty funny corey chimes in says tim not a rival but definitely the person I play against the most and still enjoy beating every time even if it’s only for second place tim regularly responds to all of our.
06:13.65 Chris:  Nice.
06:17.92 Anthony:  Questions of course tim jumped in and responded to cory’s response said well said I may not beat the winner but need to at least beat you I I think we’ve we’ve all got that 1 person like I don’t care if I win but you are going down. Um.
06:24.98 Chris:  Ah, that’s great.
06:31.72 Chris:  Ah, fantastic. Nice, very cool.
06:34.12 Anthony:  Matt says it’s his son board game. Genius can’t beat him so get smart kid there Matt john saysronnosis which is the solo bot for Annacrony I Believe so there you go had some solo bots going on out there. Um.
06:46.97 Chris:  That is that is true. Yep.
06:53.20 Anthony:  Andre says I’m playing now for more than 8 years the same group and at this point I am arch enemy usually but it depends on a lot whose game we play as they will be more familiar with it initially. So he’s the arch enemy of everybody else is what he’s saying. It’s good when you know that? um.
07:06.74 Chris:  Gotcha.
07:10.24 Anthony:  David says again and another solo 1 he says right mind is his solo opponent and then left field is as himself so he’s he’s facing himself left mind versus right mind um the age-old battle between the 2 of us. Ah, Martin says the the person I play with the most is my wife. So want to be careful calling her my rival good call Martin but I can’t wait for the day I can match her in his summer pavilion she always whoops me in that 1 among all the other games we play together Stephanie and eric both also wrote in said their partners were their rivals I love that it’s like.
07:31.73 Chris:  Ah. Nice.
07:45.76 Anthony:  The person you play with most is is your partner typically and they’re like yeah I got to beat them so and it all brings us closer together. So there you go lots of good ones I don’t know that I have a rival a margaret and I don’t play much although when we do she she’s. She talks a lot of smack So I don’t I’m her rival That’s for sure. Um, what about you man.
08:06.27 Chris:  Um. Again, it’s it’s obviously hard to say because like sometimes you do have a rival that makes you better just when you play games with them. Sometimes you have an archnemesis who like when you sit down at the table. It’s like you. Ah you know so ah or or again if if anyone’s in Ta Naruto it’s like
08:23.16 Anthony:  Yeah.
08:31.15 Chris:  You know Saska and now or till they just yell at each other through the whole adame sauces. Good now. Oh it’s that kind of thing where you know it’s really arch Emonies kind of thing. But ah I think of it again not to get to anim iki but more like the idea of like. Having someone that improves your performance just because you take a step up when you play that game I think the person’s really done that is a friend of mine diana she she’s a great player I remember like years ago. She’s moves since. And we played liz boa together and I was teaching the game and was bo was 1 of my favorite games of all time and I just kind of like ran through the game. She didn’t say a word and then you know everyone else was you know like hardcore players and she just like blew everybody away and she’s always consistently been such a tremendous player. Genius level and intelligence above and Beyond and it’s just like I look forward to playing with her because again, it’s that idea that like someone seriously picks up the nuances on a level that you know usually you have to be like but what about and how about and and she’s just like she gets it. And I’m just like whoa. So yeah anytime I have an opportunity to play against her. That’s always fantastic because she definitely brings it up a step and I got to keep up with her. So yeah I think the only other person you think of all top as just people play Green I got to play green you play green.
09:55.11 Anthony:  Ah, yeah.
09:58.56 Chris:  You have an archnemesis then so ah yeah, other than the other than other green players where I now have to play another color and that becomes a thing. Yes, it’s definitely Ah, it’s It’s definitely a good time and you should and you know those are the best game moments. It’s definitely when you get down to the table. There’s so much fun. So yeah.
10:16.76 Anthony:  That’s why we’re friends man because I was like fine. You can have green I don’t want to be your archdemesis. Um, you think green.
10:18.31 Chris:  I know. Ah, well that’s how you know like you you have a game group you’re like can we play together hold on second what color are you play in I just need to know if this group’s going to work and and we worked it out. So yeah, that’s a good time. But yeah.
10:31.47 Anthony:  Yeah.
10:37.13 Chris:  No, that’s fantastic. So a big shout out and thanks to all of the rivals and archnemesis that plays with you know all of our listeners out there because you all make the games great and thanks for joining us this week all right everyone so that’s what’s going on with our listeners and obviously our viewers because if you are now. Watching this on youtube and please do subscribe to us because we’re doing videos which is weird for us so please watch watch the weirdness that is occurring on your youtube screen or at the very least subscribe because the more people we can get to board game the more arch Nemesis we’ll have in the future. And honestly, if you watch squid games. You need a lot of them because they run out very quickly. so yes so ah follows on all of the social medias facebook and Twitter are best for the question of the week but you can find us everywhere. On board gamers anonymous dot com a fantastic website and every way possibly to connect to us all right? Anthony:  so that’s what’s going on with our listeners. Let’s get on to the games that we want to get to the table. Let’s talk about our acquisition disorders.
11:44.52 Anthony:  All right I got a really simple 1 this week it’s a sequel to a little card game that I have it was here. It’s around here somewhere called orchard. It’s a nine card solitaire game this is grove also a nine card solitaire game the sequel to orchard it’s on kickstarter right now.
11:47.64 Chris:  Mean.
11:56.40 Chris:  Oh.
12:03.98 Anthony:  So the basic idea for both of these games is you have a deck of 18 cards. You’re just going to use nine of them to play through and you overlap them in various ways and as you overlap them you place dice on top of the overlapping symbols which have to match in color and the dice increase in value every time you do that. And you’re trying to get all the dice as high as you can to get the most points Possible. So orchard is pretty much just that grove adds a few things right? So you have ah new wildcard elements with the glades which are like blank spaces on your cards that allow you to do different things you have a squirrel. Allows you to break the rules once as you go through and overlap colors that don’t match but the squirrel will then steal points from you if they’re close to things if they can steal. You can also go above 10 which is like the highest of the dice have There’s like a little wheelbarrow that you get up to 15 with um. There recipe challenges in the backs of the cards with different like scoring conditions which I think the original had as well. But these are obviously different for different reasons. So. It’s just it’s tweaking and adjusting the rules if you remember the kickstarter recently for agropolis which was this equal to sprawloppolis. It’s kind of like that.
13:13.41 Chris:  Who.
13:18.32 Anthony:  Like we’re taking this core ah mechanic that everybody liked and it worked and it was a nice easy solo game and we’re adding some stuff to it and changing it just a little bit for people who either didn’t get the first 1 or want more of this. Maybe they burnt out on the original because you’ve played it a thousand times because each game takes five minutes. Um, so yeah, it’s it’s very quick. It’s light. Um orchard is a lot of fun I I do prefer sp Bralooulos because it’s a little more brain burning. But occasionally when I just don’t have the energy for that. Orchard’s very nice as well. Both of them just 18 cards. The differences with these There’s dice as well. So the box is a little bit bigger it you know it couldn’t be a button shy game because it has to have dice so this is on kickstarter right now. It’s fifteen dollars and it will not ship until June of next year so you know I think that’s most kickstarters right now or super delayed because they don’t know when the ships are going to run.
14:00.10 Chris:  So.
14:11.92 Chris:  Yeah.
14:15.62 Anthony:  Like I can’t imagine it would take that long to print this thing but who knows when they’ll get it if they’re you know, producing overseas. Um, so yeah I recommend checking it out if you like Solo games. It is a purely solo game so that you know there’s no 2 player mode like Sprawopoulos even has a 2 player mode. This is not that I don’t believe and. But if you like that if you like palm island if you like spralopolis if you like any of the other button shy games check out grove it’s on kickstarter for like another 3 weeks see lots of time.
14:46.52 Chris:  That’s cool. Yeah no I like I like I like the simplicity of the game and I actually like the dice. The dice are pretty cool in this game. It’s got some some nice components in the way it kind of plays together and again you mentioned about the solo versus the 2 player or the multiple player kind of thing. Almost feel like and again I have no research to go with this and maybe you obviously your experience you know makes you the expert at this but like I feel like when they design a game to be a solo game. It’s the best solo game there can be or is it’s when you have to try to incorporate these co-op versions. As Solo games or like oh it plays like 1 to four like does it really though does it really play as a good solo game or is it meant to be played with more players and you happen to be able to play with a bot like I like the idea of like a solo game being a solo game.
15:33.27 Anthony:  Yeah I mean I think you’re right in terms of like core mechanics like it’s going to be the most streamlined possible version. It’s funny though because like if you took my top 25 solo games most of them are multiplayer games with solo modes but some of those are really just solo like mage night.
15:39.90 Chris:  Yeah.
15:45.68 Chris:  Oh. Little.
15:52.90 Anthony:  It says 1 to four but that’s a 1 to 2 player game and the vast majority of people who play it just play it so low. So I don’t know but in the case of like these small box games like this 100 percent like I’ve only played sprawoppooss 2 players once and that was when somebody showed it to me and I’ve played it like a hundred and fifty times’m Solo. And I don’t want to play it to players I have other 2 player games that are actual 2 player games. Why would I play that with 2 people. Um, and you know these little solo only games like grove I know the puzzle is designed to be this way and it’s fun for that Reason. So definitely recommend it if you like solo games and small stuff like this if not.
16:13.21 Chris:  Yeah.
16:21.48 Chris:  Yeah.
16:28.88 Anthony:  I Don’t know why you’re listening to anything I’m saying right? because this is not for you.
16:32.11 Chris:  Now I think it’s it’s it’s great and again it’s 1 of those ideas that you know you could pick this game up relatively inexpensive and get to play it. So awesome. All right? Well I want to talk about a game or I guess probably better to say like a. Game inside a game because really what this kickstar back is is spiel box 2000 and 22 english edition. It’s the board game Magazine. So it’s it’s a game magazine about games and it’s specifically about the games that we play.
16:51.37 Anthony:  Delegate.
17:07.40 Chris:  And 7 times a year the magazine delivers game reviews news reports and obviously a number of different suggestions. But it’s not about the magazine. It’s about the the games that come in the magazine. Don’t tell any don’t tell them that oh they’ll stop selling it. So.
17:16.73 Anthony:  This is.
17:26.93 Chris:  Again, Spiel box has been around for a long time. Great magazine independent journalism like real independent journalism. Not like oh I’m previewing a kickstarter and I got paid to do that and here’s a full review that I did not get paid for like these people are actually independent game reviewers like. These are like solid great written pieces that you can kind of you know pour through um obviously the great artwork that’s in board games are on here and a lot of different ways to kind of look at games. But again, it’s about the promos and in fact, sometimes the little mini games that actually come in this. Game magazine. So right now you have the opportunity through kickstarter to back a print version and or digital version. Obviously digital version. You’re not getting the the promos that come along with it and currently the promos are actually pretty cool. So I don’t know I think Anthony:  and I happen to be big fans of. Ah, loss rooms of arnac and underworar cities those happen to be. You know some of the promos that came out recently and if you are like us we have spent a ridiculous amount of money on promo sometimes 5 or ten dollars for promo. Don’t let’s not talk about it. Let’s just continue on with the podcast but the magazine itself is still a very. Great value. This has been around since the 80 s and you could pick this up for a number of different versions. You could just get the digital version so that you can read through all the articles. It’s relatively inexpensive even though it is a highly niche kind of magazine which means it does usually come at a higher cost and most like. General things that you see on your Newsstand shipping is a thing but again digital versions available. This has 26 days to go. It’s already been back. This has been up once before at least as far as I know I don’t know if it’s been up 3 times before but it’s been at least up 1 time before I kind of sat on it and it passed. I think in fact I might actually back this 1 Anthony:  I like the promos that are are in these upcoming issues and you could back up to two years and honestly I like it in some of independent reviews of board games man.
19:29.83 Anthony:  Yeah, hundred percent. Yeah, this is 1 of those things I’m like we’re not journalists. We don’t pretend to be because we like it’s a lot of work right? and you got to go out. You got to do research you got to interview people. You got it like there’s a lot of standards you need to follow to be legitimate journalists in any field.
19:42.10 Chris:  This sure.
19:47.80 Chris:  Um.
19:49.37 Anthony:  And a lot of us are just hobbyists who do this in our spare time for fun. These people are doing it. You know properly and it’s really cool I Honestly I don’t know if I’ve ever read any of these because everyone ever seen it in German but man those promos you those promos. Yeah.
19:56.27 Chris:  Love.
20:04.97 Chris:  Promos are good. Pros are good. So back it for the game inside a game inside of magazine or just back to digital version and enjoy it’s in English in english so you could you could you know, check that out and it will wrap up on Sunday november fourteenth so you do have time. Check it out. I think you can actually even like go through a couple of like older review copies. So it actually gives you like what the magazine actually looks like what it plays through obviously some of its ads most of its ads. But again, it’s not 1 of those situations where it’s like you’re reading an article that actually is an ad It’s actually. The reviews or reviews and the articles are articles and the advertisements are are such so yeah, a lot of fun. Check it out. Spiel box 2000 and twenty one two thousand and twenty two and I guess even I guess you could even back further for that for 2023 all right? So those are the games that we wanted to table and again the games inside of a games inside of a game Magazine. Anthony:  let’s talk about the games that hit the table and let’s let everyone know if those games are a bi they should run out pick those games up if those games are a play and they should sit down and play them if those games are dodgeed and they should avoid the old cause or if in fact, those games are the dreaded burn and I don’t know maybe they didn’t meet the timer. Maybe. You know something broke or I don’t know something happened that was really sad and twisted and I don’t know things happen man things happen. Yay! It’s quid games.
21:27.80 Anthony:  Ah, oh man, woo darkness darkness descends. Um all right? So mine is a digital game. This is the fox in the forest which just released for steam today october eighteenth while we’re recording this. It is from dyar wolf digital who.
21:29.71 Chris:  Yeah I know.
21:46.21 Anthony:  Has done beautiful work on everything they’ve worked on because they are of course famously the developers of in board game format clank but have also done several other you know, digital implementations um including root which is like my favorite digital implementation pretty much period.
22:03.11 Chris:  M.
22:05.21 Anthony:  Ah, so you know high hopes because the Fox and the forest is a good game. This is the competitive version. Not the do wet version which hopefully they will now do because they’ve done this initial 1 that came from Renegade and foxtrod. So the the goal of the game is it’s a trick taking game. There’s a relatively small deck of cards you split it in half you have 2 players and you go back and forth. There’s 3 suits in the game and it’s pretty standard trick-taking rules but each card has a special ability to it so some of them like there’s the monarch which forces the other side to play their highest or lowest card of. That suit. Um, there’s the fox which lets you change the Trump suit. There’s the the nine which forces the other which basically says the nine beats everything except for another nine and so you’re going back and forth. But the real trick to this game is that you don’t want to win too many tricks right. How you score depends on the number of tricks you get versus your opponent but it’s not just like 1 trick is 1 point 2 tricks is 2 points. It’s like zero to 3 tricks is 1 point and four to 6 tricks is like 3 points I think and if you can get in the sweet spot. Between seven and nine tricks. You get 6 points. You can walk away with that. But if you go over nine if you get 10 or more if you just run the table against your opponent then your opponent gets 6 points because you were greedy so the game really drives at home pretty well as a really nice tutorial It’s very cute. The presentation is beautiful. It’s fantastic. There’s not a lot of dynamic anything to happen like onscreen you have 2 fox statues you draw your card to either side and does a bunch of animations and things happen. Ah, but it ran smoothly It’s clean. The online play works really nicely. It comes with a bunch of challenges if you want to play solo against the ai so the challenges are things like you know, ah get to x number of points before your opponent which is how the game typically works or it changes the scoring um of you know the basic scoring of the different um tricks that you would take. Or it changes like the types of cards you’re trying to win in those tricks. Um, so it makes it a little bit like the crew almost in terms of like trying to get these certain tricks out but at the end of the day you know the fox in the forest was always just a very simple 2 player trick tiking game and the app presents that very cleanly. And succinctly and if you like tricktaking games in general I think you will like this game. There are a few digital implementations of tricktaking games. There aren’t many and there’s even fewer that you can play by yourself. So it’s very good for that the other plus side is on steam. It’s only 7 dollars I think which.
24:53.15 Anthony:  For steam is not a crazy price right? Like if though I don’t I don’t know what it is on the app store but you know a lot of these games go up on steam and they’re 2025 dollars for a board game Digital version. You’re like um, ah I can’t I can’t justify that it’s good. You should play it but I don’t pay that much money. Um. But for this if you like trick ticketing games if you like fox in the four 7 bucks I’d I’d say it’s a buy. Um I would be much more excited I think if it was the duet version or maybe they add the duet version to this version of the game I don’t know as dlc or something because that is 1 of my favorite games.
25:25.25 Chris:  D L C yeah.
25:30.51 Anthony:  Of all time but this is still a very good game and I do enjoy it quite a bit so and I forgot how much I liked it until I was playing this so again dyar wolff they do amazing board game apps and Fox in the forest is another 1
25:43.13 Chris:  Yeah, and again I think we reviewed both of these games thoughts in the forest and and the duet and both of these are buys for me I think they they’re buys for you as well right? Anthony:  Just the games themselves. Yeah yeah and I and I picked them up after I.
25:52.94 Anthony:  Oh yeah, yeah yeah I have them both here. So.
25:59.51 Chris:  After I play them with you because I like them so much and and again the artwork is gorgeous but also the implementation with the steam is Great. So I think that’s that’s really great too and again like you said if this again I’m not sure what the app price is as you said for a steam price. That’s you know. That’s reasonable considering like steam usually comes up and it’s like forty fifty bucks and then like I don’t know 6 months later. It’s like 2 dollars and you’re like damn it you know like if like just couldve waited just a little bit longer have been 2 dollars. But now this this is something that is clearly at least for me as as far as playing trick ticking games are concerned.
26:23.18 Anthony:  Um, yes, but.
26:31.90 Anthony:  Yeah, off.
26:39.29 Chris:  And as you said the duet is absolutely 1 of my favorites I love the duet I think that’s a great you know I hope I sincerely hope they put that in as a dlc they might release as a separate game but again I think that’s fantastic, better than the competitive version I think yeah.
26:47.64 Anthony:  Probably oh yeah, yeah, hundred percent. Yeah know I just looked up the ah the app store version. It’s five dollars. So um I think it’s in line with you know, renegades games which Dyarulf does a lot of so lanterns Lotus sagrata.
26:57.22 Chris:  Okay, a bad. So.
27:07.37 Anthony:  Guess sagrata is not them but land is loader you know raiders of the north sea those are all I think Diar wolf digital and their pricing is generally okay, it’s not crazy high like even raiders of the north sea which is like a full you know worker placement type of game. It’s 10 dollars whereas root.
27:11.17 Chris:  Sure.
27:20.72 Chris:  Sure.
27:25.20 Anthony:  Which huge and amazing and I love it I think it’s 20 then some of those war games that have come out recently been like 25 so there is something that was thirty last year and I was like gotta be kidding me so anyways, five six bucks for game like this can’t go wrong.
27:32.26 Chris:  Wow.
27:37.73 Chris:  Nice all right? So I Want to talk about an odd little game I don’t know if I can give it a full review because way back when I don’t know a lot Anthony:  search to date out but I’m going to show on screening right now a clash of decks. It’s. A starter deck ah that I backed on Kickstarter and it was free except for for 2 dollars shipping. So This seemed clearly to be a scam right? because like why would this be free and then 2 dollars shipping if you know you’re getting basically a full deck.
28:02.46 Anthony:  Her.
28:16.28 Chris:  To be able to play a 2 player game with kind of quality cards and a kind of like bridge mentality like you know, like like almost tower defense kind of situation. So I remember seeing this I remember reading through this they had wanted to release the full version of it. And then for reasons that didn’t come through and and again like I talked more about that on that particular episode and 2 bucks seemed to be obviously worth it for this game and also an opportunity to let a what kickstart does best a new designer get their game out there. This concept was pretty smart because the idea was in fact that you know they would have an opportunity to get their game out there to the market people would play it and then eventually which in fact, they’re calling season 2 but this November they’ll be releasing a full kickstarter. Um, with 6 expansions from the the deck and you could see here. There is a fairly good number of cards in this in this deck here and again it’s it’s a kind of a cross between again like a tower defense maybe more of like a legal legends but also your heartstone or. Ah, your key forge. So the game is rather basic. You get a hand of nine cards. 1 of the cards is the fort and basically the idea of the start of the game is you have this protective base in which you’re protecting and you have 8 other cards in the game. And basically there are a number of ways to play this game and you can go to the website and read through the rules themselves but you lay out the 2 bridges there are 2 bridge cards that come in the game and those are also the general information cards. You can see what the bridge looks like here and on the other side they have the general information about some of the effects of the different features here and again. All all it is is protecting your particular side throughout the game so you can play in a number of different ways with anyone has played any kind of these games before there’s like a preconstructed deck that it gives you some examples of what kind of decks to kind of put together in Advance. So that when you actually play you have the right things that you need you could draft it. There’s. Quite a big deck here so you could draft these cards you can play constructed again. A lot of these things are pretty straightforward now like many of these kind of card games what they do is pretty interesting and again this is a san juan. Um, race for the galaxy situation is your cards is also the amount of manna that you have available. So as you play cards throughout the game. You’re you’re losing Manna. So and in fact, the card itself will actually tell you what the cost of the particular man is so if you look here on the top left.
30:54.77 Chris:  Um, or if you listen here on the top left. You’ll see this is a particular number you have to pay and then below and again if you’re not looking on the screen here. This is very much heartstone looking like this is almost like legally distinct heart stone looking situation. So ah, just to keep that in mind so that you’re like.
31:04.50 Anthony:  Um, it was nice.
31:13.74 Chris:  I’ve seen these before um, most of these other than in the incanate incations like spells that you play in the game are actually like creatures in the game and the creatures have an offense and defense again think heartstone and then they have a couple of special features that come into play in the game. Basically you’re trying to knock out the other sides. Ah, characters in order to attack their base and there’s a number of different special abilities and powers that come into play so again I know this is getting a little legally stink you have Mana you summon creatures to the board the board they act they act as defense. And they also act as assault. There’s numbers on the left and right again think hearttstone and then basically as the characters get killed. They come back into your hand you have more manna you try to protect your fort throughout the way and then eventually you have more manna to be able to scale up to even better creatures throughout the game so creatures. Inclinations spells. There’s a whole bunch of special abilities that you have to take a look at before you play your cards because some of them will hurt multiple characters some of them will be protected from certain damages. You know? So. There’s a whole bunch of special abilities things. So again, heartstone. But. Tower defense kind of situation nonetheless. Ah I mean it is a full game and for the sake of a starter deck I could rate it. It. You know I mean for zero dollars and 2 dollars shipping I mean yeah to buy right? I mean how you know. Again I don’t know if and when this will be available. Their their kickstarter is certainly coming up. So um, there are a lot of cute characters I really like the artwork here. Um the cards are rather small which is not necessarily the worst thing in the world I would like them to be a little bit bigger, but the text is clear. The. You know the effects are pretty clear. Um, the monsters are pretty unique I like it’s not your traditional just like everything is the same thing and yeah, so for you know, an introductory kind of I guess starting deck situation clash of decks gets a buy. I mean how does it not it actually is basically you know using heartstone and pretty much every mechanic that we know and I’ll tell you what I mean I’m going to take a look a serious look at season 2 and I’m I’m actually happy to buy the 6 expansions that are coming up. And maybe this is my new key forge because I don’t play key forge Anthony:  plays key forge. So yeah, check it out.
33:46.93 Anthony:  That’s cool. Yeah, it’s it. My takeaway is good marketing campaign. That’s not yeah because they shipped like 35 thousand of these and if they can get all of you to back the kickstarter they’re going to make bank.
33:50.49 Chris:  I know.
33:58.86 Chris:  Yeah, and it comes with a little like a little advertisement for the kickstarter and again this is really what Kickstarter does best right? So allowing projects small projects like this to be possible. Um, everything is good about the quality ah of it and again I want more of it. So yeah I mean.
34:09.96 Anthony:  Yeah.
34:18.27 Chris:  This is what more designers should do and honestly this is antithesis I think I’m kind of saying this correctly like every other kickstarter makes you buy everything all at once and you’re killing us like not squid games killing us. But like you’re kind of killing us, please stop doing that right? like I just want to buy something I want to buy the courseset. Whatever the price may be I Just want to buy the coreset see if I like it enjoy it and then buy the other stuff. This was a little unusual but this is the the mindset that people should have because.
34:46.21 Anthony:  Yeah, yeah, runs.
34:52.96 Chris:  I I’m happy about this company and again even if this was 5 bucks and I paid 5 or 7 bucks for it I would still be happy and again I don’t know what the kickstar is going to cause but I’m looking forward to playing it I’m looking forward to backing it if they included all of the sets all at once. Honestly. Ah, probably wouldn’t back it so they wouldn’t even get whatever it was my 5 or 2 or whatever bucks. But now I’m looking to back the whole thing. Yeah, so there you go so clash deck is definitely something to check out in November if you have the starter deck definitely get it to table.
35:11.67 Anthony:  Um, now.
35:17.50 Anthony:  Yeah, makes sense.
35:29.25 Chris:  It’s a lot of fun to play and if you don’t have it. You know, find someone who does because it’s quick and easy. It’s a fifteen minute game it’s not not a problem whatsoever all right? So now onto our feature review this week Anthony:  which is if you like squid games or squid game. Try these other games. So again. I don’t want to go into spoilers so I won’t but squid games is a game. That’s mostly kind of somewhat about player elimination and that is all I will say right? That’s all we’re saying right to do me check with the lawyers on that. Okay, cool.
35:59.46 Anthony:  Like yeah yeah I think I think I think the trailer covers that Yeah, we’re good.
36:06.70 Chris:  All right? and not about playstation characters with the Triangle square and circle right? That’s definitely not what’s happening I I know.
36:07.64 Anthony:  I Swear I kept thinking it was a video game thing coming in there and you know and it’s because squid game. We don’t know what that is because we’re american right? Like if you’re korean and you’re like yeah squid game of course. Ah, it’s sidebar like tangent here. But I read an article earlier today that was. What our squid game would be There’s like all these different countries and like what like the game that all the kids played and then I was trying to think like what would our squid game be like because some of the stuff in squid game like I don’t know like as american kids. What did we play on the playground.
36:27.39 Chris:  Oh no.
36:34.70 Chris:  Ah.
36:41.11 Chris:  Well remember It’s very generational right? So the the games come from like an older generation. They weren’t like current games that kids would play because games kids. So um.
36:44.42 Anthony:  Right? Yeah yeah. Yeah, so like I was yeah I was thinking like four square or something like tether ball.
36:58.65 Chris:  I used to play games like um I guess used to play running bases. Do you did you ever play running bases where like there was a group of people in between and then like there was 2 2 throwers on each end and they would throw the try to tag people out as they ran back and forth between the bases almost like like a chase and um kick the can.
37:12.17 Anthony:  Um, oh yeah, yeah, yes, yeah.
37:18.25 Chris:  Kick the bottle kind of thing used to play that we used to play a manhunt like you have 2 teams of tag we had like a bunch of kids versus another bunch of kids and it would be like a base freeze tag I guess was a thing um any kind of tag.
37:29.83 Anthony:  Freeze tag. Yeah tag any kind of tag Honestly, that would be good.
37:33.38 Chris:  I did I mean as a kid I think we did played red Light green light I think that was definitely something we played I’m trying to think of what a I mean obviously there was a lot of cooperative games I think there’s a lot of hand games where you like you know like bubble gum bubbleble gum in a dish or whatever is quackadilioso or things like that I mean obviously jump rope.
37:51.26 Anthony:  Jump Rope yeah.
37:53.20 Chris:  I Don’t know if that’s a thing or Hula Hoops was a thing um obviously wolfffle ball I don’t know what you play like you know, like things that you could play in the street with kids right? like that kind of idea where it’s um, hopscotch right? hot if you ever watch if you were.
38:00.51 Anthony:  Yeah, yeah, definitely hopscotch. Yes, get some chalk.
38:10.72 Chris:  A big deep space nine fan like a big 1 All I have to say is Almaraine and and I don’t know to say anything else to you but like literally there’s an episode of deep space nine where it’s all about them playing like these kid games. So. It’s basically squid games before squid games came out. That being said like yeah I mean it’s very culturally kind of you know relevant to I Guess now these days more than ever that like that kind of like you know nostalgia for like the old days when we were kids and we really played games together. I Mean obviously we still continue to do that. But for the rest of Society. It’s almost like unusual to kind of go back to their childhood and kind of like recapture that kind of playful youth and engagement that they once had that they kind of lost their Way. So I Guess if there’s any unofficial and definitely not. Related to squid games is the idea that like hey play games right? like really continue to engage in that kind of fun environment with friends in kind of you know activities that are like nurturing and supportive and and just like tremendously fun. So yes, but also play.
39:07.53 Anthony:  Right.
39:23.93 Chris:  Elimination because we’re adults and therefore we must be competitive and just take out our friends and family for some strange reason but know turns out Anthony:  and I don’t know if you know this because you’re a big Euro game player but there are in fact, player elimination games. That eliminate players as you go throughout the game so you get to sit down at the table with your rival or your archnemesis whoever he she or they may be and then you get to knock them out so we got a good list of player elimination games.
39:48.70 Anthony:  I Don’t be want a home.
39:59.24 Chris:  That will make your opponents really really twisted and not necessarily dead. But at the same time that kind of level of strife and and just ah, you know utter dismay from the situation. So. A lot of these games are player elimination games a lot of these games are king of the hill games where you want to be the last person standing and again that might have some relation to squid games but we will not say so Anthony:  with that being said, squid games, player elimination king of the hill. You know, really challenging each other in that kind of situation. Why don’t you talk about our first game up and all the fun elimination that can be had.
40:40.85 Anthony:  Yes, yeah, so the first game we put on the list was twilight imper for which absolutely has why is that oh it’s the last 1 standing I didn’t think of that. Yeah I know you’re smart.
40:45.65 Chris:  And you know why because that because the first 3 were eliminated i.
41:00.26 Anthony:  Ah so a couple of reasons on this 1 There is player elimination. Although it’s ah relatively rare. Um, because in a game this long. It would be painful to get eliminated like an hour 3 of an 8 hour game just painful. So it’s not impossible, but it’s ah less likely because.
41:05.80 Chris:  That.
41:19.38 Anthony:  Actually fighting each other is not something you necessarily do unless it serves your goals but the game itself is built around a king of the Hill mechanic right? You’re all trying to get to wrecks at the middle of the board and you score points there and then you’re all trying to get to a certain point by the end of the game before anybody else does.
41:26.33 Chris:  It is.
41:38.29 Anthony:  But just that middle spot of the board where if you can stay there for a full round. You score a point. Those points are very hard to get I think so it is that alone kind of makes it just like this big Epic King of the hill thing and there’s. Always play the 6 player game is at least 2 or 3 people who will do that for most of the game they will fight over that and every time I’ve played I’ve been adjacent or close to it and it’s always gone wrong and never works I’m never the guy on the Hill. So yeah, twiilet imperium for multiple reasons Elimination King of the hell.
42:01.70 Chris:  And.
42:16.16 Anthony:  Epic Gameplay you’re going to hate each other at some point hopefully not for too long. The game is very fun but it does happen.
42:20.32 Chris:  Yeah, and again, it’s 1 of those games where you do have ships and there is shooting and then there is territorial control and there is quasi cooperative relationships for like five minutes before you nuke the other player. So yeah, a lot of backstabbing a lot of twisted.
42:33.52 Anthony:  Yeah, ah.
42:39.31 Chris:  Nature of the game and again like you said Anthony:  definitely the king of the hill stuff is huge because that middle part of the board is sweet so you don’t have to get there first but you just want to be the last person standing all right? So I want to talk about a whole collection of games that you probably have played at some point and. Honestly again without spoilers like this really does fit really well with squid games which is the entire collection and again these are a lot of variations on the same theme clank clank you know all of the different deck building adventures. Whether it’s you know, dungeons and dragons. Whether it’s space whether it’s. It’s sunken treasures or mummies or things like that. The idea is that you’re all trying to get once again, the final goal so you’re trying to get all of this really great treasure. But as you all progress during the game to get to the final destination. Your movement. Is causing. Let’s say situations to occur that is actually going to be dangerous literally for everybody else at the same time. So step quietly and gently as you move across the path so that you can get the best treasure possible and get to the final goal because. If you are able to do that. Everything else is going to be bad for everyone else and that actually does have a lot of player elimination and that could honestly be the way that you straight up play the game which is like hey I’m going to cause havoc. So I knock everyone out. So even if that player is way ahead of me. They’re going to do all that havoc and I just kind of swoop in at the end so clank whatever version make a lot of noise for the game and obviously knock out literally all the other players because that’s the game. It is.
44:27.39 Anthony:  Yeah, that’s how you play it? Yeah um, all right King of Tokyo King of New York King of monsters like either of these games same kind of a basic idea. You are a Kaiju a monster ah a giant gingerbread man. Whatever you might be and you are trying to.
44:39.54 Chris:  Yeah, um.
44:46.62 Anthony:  Be the last 1 standing in Tokyo or new york there is a point scoring mechanism in these games. You can win with points but nobody likes that it’s not fun. You want to punch each other until you’re the only 1 left and what makes it unique of course is that you have to be. Well, you don’t have to be but you will be in Tokyo or you will be outside of tokyo like you want to be the king of tokyo like the name of the game is right there so you know you’re gonna be rolling dice you’renna be trying to get the yachtsi mechanic to go your way so you can do those hits you can get your power ups and kind of build up your special abilities. But at the end of the day.
45:06.80 Chris:  Um, yeah.
45:24.71 Anthony:  Punchy Punchy Don’t score points. It’s It’s a cheap way out. Don’t do it.
45:31.64 Chris:  Gotcha yeah, no absolutely king of the hill like literally king of the hill ah risk risk legacy or risk twenty two ten the idea of playing risk is of course even if you play the vanilla basic version risk it is the in some ways quintessential.
45:33.75 Anthony:  Yeah, yeah.
45:48.60 Chris:  Kind of like player elimination Game. You have to knock out the other players and you have to take over the map and that has always been a lot of fun for me like that was kind of like my core board game and like college before getting into like serious Hobby games. The legacy mechanic takes it to another level. If. You’ve not played risk legacy I. Really highly Recommend. You should if you felt like risk was too long I Highly recommend playing risk legacy if you like stuff that’s a little unusual in creating more of like asymmetrical players and powers and abilities. And honestly there are super plot twists. There’s like as many plot twists and risk legacy as there is in squid games and again I Really want to spoil in the mole for you but I will not play risk legacy any level of risk enjoyment will just like go to the next level. Ah, there is a lot of that kind of player elimination but you get to play it multiple times. So if you like the mini game kind of format of you know,? let’s say popular Korean Tv shows this might work really well for you.
46:54.63 Anthony:  Absolutely yeah, yeah, especially the newer versions of risk I played risk when I was a kid I would never play it now. It takes fifteen hours. But when you can shorten it down and play it in 3 hours I’m all for it all right next up for on my end is junk art. So.
47:00.46 Chris:  Oh my god.
47:13.26 Anthony:  Completely different type of game. This 1 is a game in which you stack various different types of pieces and it feels very squid gaming I feel like you could do squid game with junk art right? just like stack this up if something falls. Oh um, so.
47:21.60 Chris:  I Think so yeah I agree.
47:31.80 Anthony:  The thing about Junkard is there are 10 different games in the box right? There’s the basic version of the game where you’re just trying to stack your stuff as high as you can and be the last 1 standing right? Once. All your stuff is out but there’s different variances of that there could be There’s a player elimination variant where you’re just trying to you keep going until nobody’s knocked their stuff over so kind of like a rhino hero take um. There are versions of it where only 1 person loses the game right? where you just wait for the first person’s thing to collapse there are other versions where you’re giving other people. The pieces that they’re going to have to place on their on their ah whatever contraption the key to junk art is that it’s just a box full of pieces.
48:08.82 Chris:  I.
48:10.73 Anthony:  That has all these different mini games associated with it that you could play in a variety of different ways and you can play this game if you are 3 years old or 100 years old like I’ve been playing this game with my kids since they had the dextery to play it and it really just covers the gamut and can be brutally difficult if you want it to be so. Junk art’s a ah, very good representation of just mean games that can hurt your feelings if you’re not careful.
48:37.17 Chris:  Well I know that we all knew would come to this a game of thrones the board game. So if there’s ever a game about backstabbing temporary alliances and King of the hill. It’s certainly going to be a game of thrones. So of course if you’re familiar with the books. The Tv show.
48:41.53 Anthony:  Um, rules.
48:56.69 Chris:  Or just the general references of it. The idea here is that you are trying to rule Westeros and you’re doing so by utilizing you know, different kind of like player strategies in order to gain resources make temporary alliances whether they’re known or unknown. And then press your advantage when you can and by doing so you’re going to eliminate other players. So just at the start of the game. It’s like this very uneasy kind of negotiation kind of game and you’re bluffing throughout the way. But really, it comes down to an area majority control game. Ah,, there’s a lot of auction in the game. But really again, what it comes down to is like ally with someone until it just not become helpful to you and then just blow them out in the game and really again, it’s about taking over the kingdom in a number of different ways obviously trying to control the 7 kingdoms so game of Thrones The board game. Not a terribly big Surprise Backstabbing King Literally King of the of the iron throw.
49:59.33 Anthony:  All right? So a much smaller version of kind of the same thing. Co ku is a social deduction game 1 of v social deduction games and it’s in the resistance universe. There’s a lot of different. Takes and spins and re-implementations of this game but specifically coup you are trying to be the last person standing right? So everybody’s going to have their facedown character cards and you can steal money from each other. You can assassinate each other you can block assassination attempts of each other. Ah, you can block people stealing from you. You can draw new character cards and mess with your court all these different things that are happening but at the end of the game you want to be the last player with influence left in front of you right? So it’s got the hidden role elements of any good social deduction game. It’s got. Player elimination because you can run out of stuff to do and it’s got a very strong take that element where you can end up very unhappy with each other the benefit of it though against a game like game of thrones is that this takes fifteen minutes and it costs seven dollars so you don’t have to spend 60 bucks and spend 5 hours screaming at each other. If. You don’t want to so there you go cool.
51:14.60 Chris:  Speaking of screaming at each other diplomacy is our next game now again if you’ve never played diplomacy that that means you probably still have friends if you play diplomacy you probably don’t have any friends because diplomacy is literally the game that will just like. Honestly, like and friendships because the whole game is very long, very involved very complex so you are investing so much about you into that game and basically it comes down to trying to knock everyone else off this european continent by. Making alliances that you will inevitably if not immediately you know backsta betray cheat lie steal and move your forces into blowout their country so diplomacy you know we talk about Monopoly from time to time as like it ends you know friendships and family. No. No, you have not played diplomacy. You put your orders in on a given turn in order to move your military units and then all of a sudden your friend who swears their allegiance alliance with you through the game notices that all your arch arteries just moving slowly slightly closer their way until it’s too late and again there there goes the european dream of. You know, owning everything. So again, great game ends friendships. Don’t recommend playing with anyone. You continue to like because the whole game is a lot of just that you know in your face. You know, long dragged out kind of like you lied to me I like to you like 3 hours ago and 6 hours ago and 8 hours ago twelve hours ago unfortunately or fortunately that’s diplomacy.
52:49.16 Anthony:  What my.
52:56.44 Anthony:  All right Diplomacy Let’s play to Plo of secrets who.
52:59.81 Chris:  Ah, and that was the end of the podcast people you never came back to it What happened Diplomacy That’s why me.
53:05.80 Anthony:  Oh no, so the next 1 on the list is shadow hunters or things as you discussed very recently last week I believe so exactly so don’t really need to rehash all the rules here.
53:12.90 Chris:  I know the Chief version I know.
53:23.40 Chris:  I.
53:23.50 Anthony:  Listen to last week’s episode fangs is out. You should check it out. It’s cheap and it’s it’s a great game. Fantastic and cheap. Um, but you have multiple factions here and you don’t know which faction you’re on so you’re trying to figure that out and then once you do or maybe before you do because you just feel like hitting people you start eliminating each other.
53:27.92 Chris:  Yeah, enter.
53:42.20 Anthony:  Knocking each other’s point hit points down until people are knocked out of the game. It’s It’s just the most clever interesting take on this bluffing you know resistance style game for me I like it. It’s not it doesn’t feel like a party game. It feels like more like a board game.
53:51.89 Chris:  1
54:00.85 Anthony:  With actual things to figure out but at the end of the day you gotta figure out who you’re with you gotta figure out what you’re trying to accomplish and you have to hope other people don’t figure it out before your own teammates. Do so shadow hunters fangs now available. Ah check it out. It is definitely in Line. Ah, for that kind of last man or last group standing type of game.
54:19.82 Chris:  Nice I guess you have if you’re gonna end a player elimination game. You have to go out in a bang pun intended cashing guns second addition cashing guns has been around for a long time and basically cashing guns is all about you holding.
54:27.64 Anthony:  This.
54:39.15 Chris:  A foam gun at your opponents at the table and then revealing if you got a bank card in there or if it’s a blank in order to be able to take the most valuable resources on the board. So again. Little weird when you see it in play. But in fact, here are these black foam guns that you’re pointing at each other in order to be able to get these resources. You can dodge. But you’re going to be taking wounds along the way you can get eliminated in the game itself. So.
54:56.79 Anthony:  Um, what last is this.
55:12.14 Chris:  I recommend the second edition because of John kolek’s artwork. That’s a lot more cartoony so it feels a lot less. Um antagonistic so to speak whereas you know you’re already pointing guns in people’s faces and I think the original version were like straight out like solid black like.
55:20.12 Anthony:  Yeah.
55:31.59 Chris:  It looked like an actual gun like they went out of their way like so like at least the new versions a little more kind of tame to that fact, but yes, cash and guns you could pick up many versions of it. Go with the second edition. Ah, there’s there’s a number of different expansions. Of course that you could check out. But.
55:31.83 Anthony:  Yeah.
55:48.84 Chris:  If you’re looking to eliminate players at the table cashing guns is the way to go and don’t forget the s is in cash and guns are actually dollar signs because that’s a thing that I don’t know it’s very Ninety. S I don’t know what to say about that but nonetheless cashing guns. So again, if you have not seen squid games yet.
55:57.34 Anthony:  Still yeah.
56:08.82 Chris:  You should definitely still play these games because they’re awesome and the player elimination is not real player elimination a low kind of gets closed from time to time. But if you have seen squid games and you want to get people to play games at the table that reminds them of their childhood but has that kind of edge to them. Player elimination. We. Highly recommend all these different games. They’re all different levels. All different complexities. There’s certainly something for you to get to the table and have a lot of fun just drop out of the table and go you know squid games and they’re like yes like cool this is like squid games and you’re like ah and then after they run away and eventually come back then you could. You know, show them that it’s actually foam guns and not real guns. But ah yeah, fine fine. So it’s all good. All right? Everyone so until next time this is chris and we’ll save you all a seat at the next upcoming squid games.
56:48.27 Anthony:  Ah, yeah, yeah, that’s fine.
56:55.85 Anthony:  And this is Anthony: .
57:03.15 Anthony:  Good games.
57:06.53 Chris:  See ya!
  • Anthony lives and plays games in Philadelphia, PA. A lover of complex strategy, two-player war games, and area control, Anthony is always eager to try a new game, even if he's on rule-reading duty.

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