About Board Gamers Anonymous

Board Gamers Anonymous is an audio podcast about the tabletop hobby, covering card games, board games, and miniature games and the insane fun we have at the table together.

BGA Podcast

Every week Chris and Anthony cover which games are triggering their acquisition disorders, what’s been hitting the table, and whether the biggest new release is a buy, a play, or a dodge. The BGA crew strives to talk not only about what makes a game good, but the experiences that these games can give us and why they keep us coming back. As always, we have a seat saved just for you, so join us!

ENGN Podcast

Also on every week is Every Night is Game Night. Featuring Anthony and Jason, ENGN covers all things solo gaming, with reviews of recently released solo games, discussions on hot topics in the solo community, and frequent guests, including some of the biggest names in the hobby, alongside preview episodes highlighting upcoming Kickstarter campaigns

The Team