Review Policy

BGA is about games in all their forms. We love games and we love the opportunity to share exciting new experiences with our listeners, viewers, and readers. Our unbiased board game opinions have been the heart of our publications since 2013, and our team of reviewers have extensive experience playing and reviewing games of many styles.

Review and Rating Policy

Introduced in the first episode of the BGA podcast, we utilize a three tier rating system for all of our reviews (with a fourth tier reserved for games below the dodge threshold):

  • Buy
  • Play
  • Dodge

In addition, we assign all written game reviews a numerical score between 1-10 to match the overall recommendation.

Submission for Review

The BGA team is split among several cities, so we carefully select the reviewer that will best match the game being reviewed. If you have a game you would like us to review, please use the contact form and let us know what you are looking for. You can also send directly to us at:

Anthony Chatfield
4364 Manayunk Ave
Philadelphia, PA 19128

We make no guarantee of when or if unsolicited submissions will be reviewed. To make sure we can review your game and to determine timing, contact us for more information. Note: we only review final production copies of games. Please do not send prototypes or Kickstarter preview copies. Contact us to learn more about our Kickstarter Preview coverage options.

Have more questions? You can contact us from the form below or on our contact page.