Episode 85 – Best Games for Female Representation

It’s an extra special episode this week as we announce the big winner of our CoolStuffInc $50 giveaway. We also have a ton of great content on tap for you. Join Chris, Daniel, and Drew as they discuss the best games for female representation, as well as three games we got to the table lately, three new games we’re eager to get to our table in future plays, and a boat load of interesting news stories from the tabletop.

Shout It from the Tabletop

Join Drew and the team this week as we discuss some interesting news stories, including words we all know and love making it into the dictionary, local library news and more.

  • “Meeple” & “pwnage” are now officially recognized words in the Oxford Dictionary (read more)
  • International Games Day @ Your local Public Library Deadline for library registering & receiving donated games is SEPTEMBER 10th (read more)
  • Games Workshop is bowingto the obvious & renaming their stores Warhammer (read more)
  • Four words: Doctor Who miniatures Game (read more)
  • Cubicle 7 is releasing a new edition of Dr. Who RPG, featuring the current doctor and his recent adventures (read more)
  • There’s an Indiegogo project for a documentary film about inventor of Operation, John Spinello. It’s called “The Buzz Heard ‘Round the World’ (read more)
  • Hasbro is inviting game inventors to submit new party games. They’ll pick the best 5, and put them on Indiegogo (read more)

Acquisition Disorder Corner

This week there is one HUGE expansion on the horizon for Roll for the Galaxy, aptly named Ambition, a new online tabletop gaming service on Kickstarter in Tabletopia, and Fantasy Flight’s big summer release – Forbidden Stars, all on our radar and lighting up our acquisition disorder charts.

At the Table

This week, at the table, we got a bunch of great games out. The first of those is the newest release from Cool Mini or Not (no, not that new release). It’s The World of Smog: On Her Majesty’s Service and it’s not quite a miniatures game, nor is it quite a euro, nor is it quite an Americlash game – it’s a lot of things and it’s a lot of awesome. Check out what we like in our review.

Next up is Dingominos which you can learn more about on the podcast or you can see the tiles for here where they can be downloaded or adapted for home play. (learn more here)

Finally, we got the Second Edition of Mission Red Planet from Fantasy Flight Games to the table and were charmed by the beautiful new artwork and the always awesome Bruno gameplay.

Feature: Best Games for Female Representation

It’s not unique to board games or gaming in general – female representation can be a problem in geek culture. We sit down and discuss what this means for our hobby and what games actually do a good job of being inclusive across the board without any unnecessary stereotypes. Learn more about what we think and some of our thoughts on the current state of both genders in the hobby in this week’s feature.

Final Round: Back to School Essentials

Finally, in a bit of fun, we’re talking about all those essentials and upgrades you need to keep your board games organized as everyone goes back to school. Learn what we absolutely most have for our games in this week’s final round.

Listen to Episode 85

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  • ?Shout it From the Tabletop
  • Acquisition Disorder Corner
  • At the Table
  • Feature: Best Games for Female Representation
  • Final Round: Back to School Essentials

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  • Anthony lives and plays games in Philadelphia, PA. A lover of complex strategy, two-player war games, and area control, Anthony is always eager to try a new game, even if he's on rule-reading duty.

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