Podcasts Killed the Radio Star

In the board gaming field, there are dozens of quality podcasts – and almost a dozen *high*-quality podcasts. That’s the result of the Maronization of our hobby. In the past, for talented writers and creators to get heard they needed to be connected to high-powered radio people. Nowadays, they just have to be connected to high-powered surge protectors.

It’s a Brave New World

It’s not just that podcasting has made the airwaves more democratic. That was desperately needed, as politically, radio is far more polarized than television. But it’s also broken down the walls of “format,” which seems to be a dirty F-bomb, according to the freeform foes of the FCC.

Podcasts can cram as much content in the shows as possible. Interviews can flow freely without having to stop for commercial breaks. Podcasters can plug their supporters in whatever way they like, without having to hire marketing people. Podcasts are the ultimate outlet for stream-of-consciousness journalism. (Oxymoron Alert!)

In contrast, Radio shows nowadays are rigidly formatted, which is where that stale, moldy smell is coming from. And, for the most part, they’re supported either by Church or State. One has a religious agenda to promote, and the other has an agenda of religiously not promoting any particular agenda.

The individual voices you hear on air are hardly independent, beholden to both listeners and leash-holders. The formats they follow (whether its talk, talk, or talk) are pre-ordained. The only people who seem to listen to radio nowadays are people who aren’t really listening to radio, or are too immobile to turn off the radio and get on the Internet.

That’s Where I Come In

I’m launching a radio show, and it’s going to be rigidly formatted.

More than that, I’m launching a movement to de-Maronize our hobby. I won’t be beholden to sponsors or special interest groups. Not even to my audience. It’ll be my job as a radio host to appeal to listeners, not cater to them. I’m not going to pander to them or plead, “Tell me what you want to hear!” If I’m savvy enough, and experienced enough in this hobby, I’ll know what will draw in listeners.

I’m a gamer, too, you know. So, I just have to trust myself. If I like what I’m putting on my radio show, I know that you’ll like it, too.

I guess I’ll just have to wait until next week to tell you exactly what my new Radio show is….

(Wow, that was cathartic…. This is what comes from trying to write a Mission Statement…!)

  • Drew is a contributor to the Board Gamers Anonymous podcast. He's a curator by nature, compulsively reading and obsessively organizing what he's read. He's also been a gamer since the age of 3, which means he's been playing board games for... let's just say more than 40 years, and leave it at that...

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