Episode 399 – 2022 Holiday Gift Guide

Happy shopping to all! And to all a good game night. It’s that time of year again; our picks for the best of the best games for holiday gifts ahead of the busy shopping season.


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For our question of the week this week, we asked: What’s a game from the last 2-3 years that you feel has been largely overlooked and deserves more attention? Why?

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Below you’ll find a full rundown of all the games and accessories featured in this year’s gift guide:

Best Apps for Holiday Gaming in 2022

Chris’s Picks:

Summoners Fate


Anthony’s Picks:


Roll Player

Best Family Games in 2022

Chris’s Picks:

King of Monster Island



Anthony’s Picks:

Exit Advent Calendar: The Hunt for the Golden Book

Chronicles of Avel

Best Party Games for the Holidays in 2022

Chris’s Picks:

Ted Lass Party Game

MicroMacro: Crime City – All In

Anthony’s Picks:

Libertalia: Winds of Galecrest

So Clover

Best Solo Games for Quiet Holiday Nights

Chris’s Picks:

Final Girl


Anthony’s Picks:


Twilight Inscription

Best Two Player Games for 2022 Holiday Gifting

Chris’s Picks:

Air, Land & Sea: Critters at War

Fog of Love: Love on Lockdown

Anthony’s Picks:


That Time You Killed Me

Light Games for 2022 Holiday Gifting

Chris’s Picks:

Rear Window


Anthony’s Picks:

The Adventures of Robin Hood

Star Wars: The Clone Wars

Medium Games for 2022 Holiday Gifting

Chris’s Picks:


Rococo: Deluxe Edition

Anthony’s Picks:


Guild of Merchant Explorers


Heavy Games for 2022 Holiday Gifting

Chris’s Picks:

Ark Nova

Ultimate Railroads

Anthony’s Picks:



Expand Your Games This Holiday Season

Chris’s Picks:

Lost Ruins of Arnak: Expedition Leaders

On Mars: Alien Invasion

Anthony’s Picks:

Dune Imperium: Rise of Ix

Marvel Champions: Mutant Genesis


Accessories and Stocking Stuffers

Chris’s Picks:

Metallic Dice Games: Cat’s Eye Aquamarine Dice

Save 10% on all orders on metallicdicegames.com by ordering through our link here: https://fanrolldice.com/ref/2755/. BGA receives a small commission for all orders through this link. 

Anthony’s Picks:

War of the Ring: Game Mat


  • Anthony lives and plays games in Philadelphia, PA. A lover of complex strategy, two-player war games, and area control, Anthony is always eager to try a new game, even if he's on rule-reading duty.

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