Best Board Game Blogs of the Week (10/1)

In our weekly rundown of the best in the boardgaming blogosphere, we look at posts from Every Man Needs a Shed, Patrick Rothfuss, Boardgames That Tell Stories, and Rolling for Initiative.

Check out the Fab Four posts at our Board Game Geek page, and read about the pain of losing old gaming friends, the difficulty of raising children in a world free of subtle sexism (even in board games), why game stores are different from other retailers, and how social media can intrude on your gaming experience.

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  • Drew is a contributor to the Board Gamers Anonymous podcast. He's a curator by nature, compulsively reading and obsessively organizing what he's read. He's also been a gamer since the age of 3, which means he's been playing board games for... let's just say more than 40 years, and leave it at that...

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