Episode 438 – BGG Hotness for August

We’re in the heart of Essen announcement season, meaning the BGG hotness is loaded with fresh new games with only tidbits of information to tie us over until the fall. Join us as we run through the top 50 on BGG’s hotness list for August.

  • Question of the Week: What’s changed most about you as a gamer since you entered the hobby?
  • Acquisition Disorders: Grand Austria Hotel: Hochsaison, Fool’s Blade: A Sword-Crafting Monster-Slaying Card Game
  • At the Table Reviews: Star Wars The Deckbuilding Game, Star Trek Away Missions

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  • Anthony lives and plays games in Philadelphia, PA. A lover of complex strategy, two-player war games, and area control, Anthony is always eager to try a new game, even if he's on rule-reading duty.

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