Episode 86 – Our Second Birthday!

It’s hard to believe, but Board Gamers Anonymous has been around for 2 full years now! Join Anthony, Chris, Daniel and Drew this week as we discuss what those two years have been like, what we’ve learned, what you told us in our recent survey, and what we have planned for the months and episodes to come.

Shout it from the Tabletop

This week, we talk about an interesting case of poor planning for a Kickstarter gone wrong. Goblinworks, formed to create Pathfinder MMO, has halted work on it & cuts staff. Paizo is now looking for another company to take over project. The million dollar Kickstarter was not nearly enough to launch Open Enrollment, but rewards will be honored. (read more)

Additionally, this week Anthony shares the results of our August survey during which more than 250 listeners responded and told us what their favorite segments, games, and genres of games were. We truly appreciate your feedback and are eager to continue building new content based on it.

Acquisition Disorder Corner

We have three big games on our radar this week, including one we’ve already talked about a number of times but only just got a look at this last week (Pandemic Legacy), another game that Anthony completed sniped out from under Daniel’s nose on Kickstarter (Gloomhaven), and a much needed expansion for last year’s most beautiful board game, Abyss (Abyss: Kraken). Learn what we’re interested in for each and how soon you can pick up your copies.

At the Table

We got two brand new games to the table this week, both fresh out of GenCon and both full of interesting ideas. The first game to hit our table this week was Discoveries, the new dice game from Cedrick Chaubussit and with art work by Vincent Dutrait. Both the designer and artist previously worked on Lewis & Clark, 2014’s hot board game release and the game has a lot of the same look and feel. We were a bit split on whether this game deserves to stand with the board game, but there are some interesting ideas here – learn who gives it a play, who gives it a dodge and which of us is in the middle.

Second up this week is the first big box expansion for Arcadia Quest – Beyond the Grave. The new expansion brings a lot of new things to the table for a game that has been growing in popularity as a sleek, no frills dungeon crawler with a beautiful layout and just plain fun mechanics. Does the expansion live up? Find out in our review.

Feature: Our Second Birthday!

It’s been two years since we launched Board Gamers Anonymous and with 50+ episodes in the last 12 months, there are a lot of games and features we put together. Learn which games we reviewed this last year made it to the top of our lists and which episodes we are each most proud of on this week’s feature taking a look back at what we’ve done. It’s like a clip show, but without the clips!

Solo Gaming: Imperial Settlers Atlanteans

Anthony takes a look at the new expansion for Imperial Settlers and the Atlanteans faction it adds to the game. What does this add to the solo experience, both as a new faction and with the new technology function implemented as part of the release? Find out in this week’s solo gaming segment.

Final Round: One Game Marathons

In honor of the long Labor Day weekend in the United States, we take a look at which games we would pick to play for 24 hours straight if we were to play a single game through a marathon. There are some interesting choices that rely heavily on the loopiness of the gamers as the event progresses.

Listen to Episode 86

  • Intro: BGA is 2 years old and still growing and moving!
  • Shout it From the Tabletop: Kickstarter Million Dollar Blunder & Survey Results
  • Acquisition Disorder: Pandemic Legacy, AD: Abyss: Kraken, Gloomhaven
  • At the Table:  Discoveries, Arcadia Quest: Beyond the Grave
  • Feature: Our 2nd Birthday
  • Solo Gaming: Imperial Settlers Atlanteans
  • Final Round: One Game Marathons ?

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  • Anthony lives and plays games in Philadelphia, PA. A lover of complex strategy, two-player war games, and area control, Anthony is always eager to try a new game, even if he's on rule-reading duty.

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