Kicking the Habit Second Look: Hand-Sculpted Miniature Ice Age Mammal Set

Note: The products shown here are prototypes. Poses, anatomy, and other aspects of the miniatures may change. Consult ADW’s campaign page for the most recent news regarding this campaign.

I gave a prelaunch preview of ADW Games’s promising miniatures campaign not long ago, but the campaign has changed enough that I think it is worth revisiting. Since launch, ADW has been working diligently to improve their campaign, and it shows.  Let’s look at some of the biggest improvements that ADW has made to their campaign.

Switch to Hand-Sculpting

Probably the single most significant change has been the decision to hand-sculpt the miniatures, rather than relying on 3D masters. This means we should anticipate that the final products will show all the attention to detail that we see of the sculpts on the campaign page, including my favorite mini-Mammoth.

mini-Mammoth ADW
Best. mount. ever.

Free Mini for all Backers

Another huge change is the decision to include a free Bullockornis mini free for all backers.  The Bullockornis mini was originally a stretch goal, but now the fearsome predatory bird is yours at any level of funding. If you want more than one, you can pick additional models up as an add-on at $10 a piece.

Bullockornis mini aDW
Maybe just don’t touch any eggs you find in the wilderness.


New Stretch Goals

ADW Games has added new stretch goals, many of which would give an additional mini to all levels of backers. There are three cousins of the Bullockornis available at $5,500, $6,500, and $8,500;  there is an awesome looking cave lion added at $7,000; and at $11,500 all backers get a Simurgh mini.

Note: The Cave Lion model shown below is incomplete, and has yet to be detailed. It still looks pretty darn good, but expect it to look even better at launch.

cave lion mini adw
Catnip is now required adventuring gear.

What to do now

According to Kicktraq’s prediction at the time this article was written, we should expect this project to gather anywhere from $7,600 to $11,000.  If Kicktraq is right – we should not only expect that the project will fund, but we should expect enough stretch goals to be met that every backer should get five to six minis  (including the Bullockornis) for free. Given the high-quality resin sculpts that we are seeing, this seems to me to be a very good deal. If you are even remotely interested in having miniatures to represent these sorts of creatures, backing the campaign is definitely worth it.


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