Last Week at the 'Geek: Safe gaming with VASSAL; teaching from memory; & GenCan't14

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The highlight of the past week was the grass-roots Twitter-based convention that first took root on BGG among those poor unfortunates who couldn’t make it to Gen-Con.

FRIDAY, 8/15

posted by gibbous

You wonder why anyone didn’t anyone think of that before? No matter; at least somebody thought of it this year…

We were commiserating on Twitter about watching all the posts about GenCon when Jason ( and I came up with this UnConvention idea. Hence GenCant2014 was born.

It’s kind of exploded throughout the day on Twitter and now it’s a real thing.

We have a fun photo contest that’s easy to enter and people in the community have been coming out of the woodwork to donate some amazing prizes. A bunch of the Dice Tower Network crew are involved as well now. We have games, prototype copies, handmade items, just a ton of awesome stuff. So take a look. If you’re not on Twitter, it’s easy to join and may be worth it to watch the craziness.

Whether you knew it or not, if you’re not at GenCon – you’re at GenCan’t!

Now that’s how to throw an online party!

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