The Morning News for May 25th

(Figured out by Drew Davidson)


Giant-sized versions of board games are nothing new. Kids have the chance to move life-sized pieces on outdoor chess boards around the world. But a super-sized Jenga set? Now that’s hard to find! But you’ll find it – as well as similarly-sized games of Connect Four, Chess and ‘Draughts‘ – at the Beaulieu National Motor Museum in Hampshire, England, through the month of June.


The Fort Wayne (Indiana) News Sentinel this week published a curiously long newspaper article teaching Dads all about… board games. Yes, we’ve all covered this material quite a few life-turns ago. But the writer, John Kaufeld, in “The Dad Game…figuring out the rules,” is no doubt addressing relicts (and relics) of the 1990s video game revolution, grown-up geeks who’ve never unpacked a game box in their lives. The column is actually a great introduction for any board game virgin.

  • Drew is a contributor to the Board Gamers Anonymous podcast. He's a curator by nature, compulsively reading and obsessively organizing what he's read. He's also been a gamer since the age of 3, which means he's been playing board games for... let's just say more than 40 years, and leave it at that...

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