Episode 347 – Essen Spiel 2021 Hotness

It’s time to talk Essen Spiel! The big one with all the new games is here, so what games are hot on BGG’s preview list, which games are we eager to see and hear more about, and how do we get them! This week we take a look.

First up, though, is our question of the week: What’s your go-to travel board game (for flying, trains, hotel rooms, etc.)?

  • At the Table: Dragon Prince: Battlecharged, Fangs

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00:00.00 Chris:  Welcome to Board Gamers anonymous the podcast upboard gamers and the insane fun. We have the table together. This is Chris:  and my friends I’m so glad to tell you that in fact.
00:07.00 Anthony:  Hey yeah, this is Anthony: .
00:15.52 Chris:  This is 3 hundred and forty 7 episodes of board Gamers Anonymous. We’d like to thank all of our Patreon backers for helping us bring you a brand new episode all right back. Everything is coming Up. We’ve gone through Origins we’ve gone through gencon And now finally we are at the German Granddaddy of them all We’re talking about Essencepiel 2000 and 21 the hotness.
00:44.44 Anthony:  Yeah, yeah, we we can’t do the normal hotness and we can’t anyways because the board game geek hotness right now is just s and so we might as well do this but no, it’s it’s exciting because gencon. You know, half as many people not really any games. Nobody showed up. Origins even less people. No games. Nobody showed up. Um for obvious reasons and respect that and hopefully everybody safe and healthy out there but esison probably also half as many people and definitely going to be light on stuff but they got the games they’re bringing the games so got a ah whole bunch of stuff from the. Board game geek preview list. Thank you to board game geek because you always put these lists together and we get to borrow them steal them ah of of the hottest games that people are looking forward to at Acid. So we’re not going to be there and we probably won’t get a chance to play a lot of these for a little while yet. But we can talk about how awesome they look and if you do have a chance to get out there. You can check them out yourself as well.
01:43.54 Chris:  So absolutely so each year it’s typically origins in like I think was it may June and then it’s and then right afterwards like Earth like the first week of august is gencon and then finally we wrap around to.
01:50.77 Anthony:  Junior.
02:02.78 Chris:  I guess pretty much this time of year october where esm kind of comes out and esin really is still the big convention. Obviously we’re talking mostly about german board games and european board games and euro games and stuff like that. So it’s not terribly surprising that. Um.
02:03.48 Anthony:  Is it.
02:21.52 Chris:  Essence spiel is always the biggest most interesting convention of all time and in fact, it’s 1 of those kind of challenging conventions because there’s so many great games that come out that oftentimes they don’t make it to the us or really many other countries around the world. So it’s going to be a really interesting list to go through because. If you do hear about a game that you might like it might be worth your time money and energy and effort to see if you can get your hands on that game or get that game delivered to you because especially now with shipping being an issue materials being an issue and obviously conventions and covid and everything else. Might actually want to go through the expense time and labor to do so because I don’t know I don’t know if we’re going to see these games over in our local game store anytime soon. So this is going to be a particularly interesting list. And again I think this is going to be the hotness of the year more than the other 2 conventions and even I think in fact, more than packs unplugged because I think we’re looking at some really cool games that haven’t hit the market yet so that will be our feature review so stick with us as we talk about those hot games. But. Anthony:  obviously there’s so much more talk about in board gaming these days and obviously getting games to table are always a challenge so speaking of which let’s talk about our question of the week
03:40.26 Anthony:  Question of the week this week ah those of us who are starting to travel again. It’s you know for some of us you and I it’s still a ways off, but we’re we’re getting there. You know the tickets went up today for packs unplugged and fingers crossed knocking on wood that that may actually happen for us.
03:51.12 Chris:  Yep, and.
03:57.78 Chris:  Absolutely.
03:59.73 Anthony:  In December if if if the kids can be safe and vaccinated by then so what are your go to travel games I asked people for flying trains, hotel rooms, etc now that a lot of us are starting to think about this stuff again, you know somehow coming out of the the woodwork. So ah.
04:14.40 Chris:  Yeah.
04:17.70 Anthony:  A lot of people mention that they just kind of stick with digital in this case So like Tim Mentions Ony Toma and dead man straw on his phone. Um Ac mentions passing the phone back and forth playing Catan or Star Realms I mean a phone or an ipad especially now there’s hundreds of games on there.
04:34.51 Chris:  Oh yeah.
04:36.16 Anthony:  So it definitely works if you don’t want to actually carry board games with you. Ah, but other stuff people mentioned some actual games ac mentions roll and rights so lanterns dice and silver and gold for them. Button shy stuff. Several people mentioned those brian mentioned spraopouos and tussi musy both very good. Um.
04:46.33 Chris:  Sure Oh yeah.
04:55.84 Anthony:  Aht Tilda mentioned Love Letter which kind of going way back. You know so I know we say old school was like when we it’s why we started podcasting but that was a while ago. So ah, ah Tim Mentions Best treehouse ever Jaipur value The kings.
04:56.58 Chris:  Oh yeah, old school I Know it’s true.
05:15.26 Anthony:  Palm island for solo play zula reto the dice game I don’t think I played that 1 and then roll through the ages which that’s fantastic. It’s a little bit bigger but definitely worth it because you can play that anywhere in the bar on the ground outside and the rain doesn’t matter. Um and then Michael mentioned orchard.
05:21.47 Chris:  The great game. Yeah, that’s true.
05:35.25 Anthony:  Ah, Celus dust Carton spell and then cribbage which is kind of the same as through the roll through the ages you get the big wooden board and some pegs you just need the cards right? Um, why not? So yeah I think.
05:37.12 Chris:  Who.
05:46.74 Chris:  She’s.
05:52.90 Anthony:  It’s funny like you think like oh small box games which is true, but there’s a lot of different variance in what that looks like so like when I travel I typically bring with me 2 or 3 of the button shy games just to have and then I’ll find like a medium box solo game somewhere in my collection and just like bring the 1
06:07.42 Chris:  Um, sure.
06:11.67 Anthony:  Um, and I typically don’t bring stuff to play with other people because I figure if I’m going to place where I’m going to play games with other people I’ll either bring a big board game or we’ll be at a place that there are board games to play. You know like a convention or at someone’s house.
06:22.48 Chris:  Yeah, yeah, it’s hard I mean again, you know, bringing games with you especially in those travel kind of situations really determines how many people you’re actually going to get to the table and I honestly I’d rather lug a medium size board game than a couple of small ones. I think the 1 that I remember you and I playing as we waited on a line for gencon forever was jump drive which is a little small card game but you could play that I think right with multiple people. It’s not just a 2 player game and that’s pretty fun. That’s pretty fun. That’s that’s a good game to get to table. No thanks is pretty simple. Small tiny box.
06:46.98 Anthony:  Yeah, yeah, yeah.
06:52.52 Anthony:  Yeah, 2 to four.
07:01.31 Chris:  Like literally a small box that fits the whole game. Not 1 of those small boxes that somehow there’s less components in it than you think so that’s always 1 of the things. Ah for sale for sales. A great game. That’s a game where you don’t really have to over teachach I think if you have to have those games in travel and you’re running up up on somebody.
07:07.26 Anthony:  Um, yeah, oh yeah, yeah.
07:21.00 Chris:  You don’t want to be like hey you want to play a quick game. They’re like sure. Let’s spend twenty minutes trying to figure this out and I guess the other thing too is probably a lot of those trick taking games I guess the new ones Anthony:  that you like a lot more like the fox and the forest or skull king where it’s just a hand of cards.
07:34.58 Anthony:  Yeah, yeah.
07:39.76 Chris:  Like it’s not taking up table space necessarily you’re just throwing down to 1 pile I think that’s those are always really good. So yeah, and yeah car tech cards works.
07:45.50 Anthony:  Yeah, yeah, and ah hundred percent. Yeah I’ll I’ll always remember you and me and daniel playing Friday the thirteenth on like the banistter outside of his apartment when he got locked out. It’s like you you as long as you have somewhere to throw the cards down you’re good to go. So.
07:56.58 Chris:  Um, yeah, yeah, is ah, it’s true. Yeah, good times. Good times. So Yeah there there are a lot of great games out there for traveling and obviously you want to make sure that everything’s packed properly for transportation. So I think that’s. Probably another thing to think about too is what games do travel. Well like you said the Buttonsai games are kind of built for that. The mint Tin games are kind of built for that. The little I don’t know what they what they’re called Anthony:  the 1 with the 3 letters for their names and they’re like a stick of gum.
08:32.32 Anthony:  Oh I’ve never played them but I do know what you’re talking about.
08:34.33 Chris:  A package of gun kind of games those yeah those games are like made just to stick literally in your pocket and go. But yeah, love letters love letters a great thing for a player game that you could pop that out and they’re relatively inexpensive, especially if if a game’s going to be in harm’s way. I think that’s always a good, a good choice. Well all right? So that is our question in the week so again if you’d like to join us on the question of the week please keep up with us on Facebook and Twitter question week goes up each and every week we’d love to hear from you and.
08:53.83 Anthony:  Right? ah.
09:10.16 Chris:  If your stuff gets up there. It gets on our episodes. So follow us on all of the social media is because somewhere somehow we’re on all the social media’s out there like subscribe you know Crunch mash the subscribe button all that kind of fun Stuff. You know. Everything That’s legally, you’re allowed to do on social media all right. Anthony:  So That’s everything that’s happening with our listeners. Let’s skip ahead of over our acquisition disorder because honestly eschen spiel is going to be our spiel about everything that we want from esen so we will Jump. We will jump over that.
09:39.61 Anthony:  Yeah, pretty much.
09:46.62 Chris:  And let’s actually talk about the games that did hit the table and we’ll let everyone know if those games are a buy and they should run out and pick those games up if those games are a play and they should sit down and play them if those games are dodge and they should avoid them or if those games that dread to Burn. And once you play them, you should leave them at the hotel room because honestly they were not worth the time to drag them around. So what do you have up for us this week yeah
10:07.22 Anthony:  All right? So I got a game in that I I pre-ordered at some point I don’t remember when they put this up because I liked the show and my daughter actually got into the show around the time they put it up for preorder and that’s dragon prints battle charged. So this is a game based on the Netflix. Ah, cartoon series the dragon princes from publisher brother wise games. So they did Boss monster and over boss and unearth I think of the 3 games I’m thinking ah from them and it is a card based.
10:38.98 Chris:  2
10:45.90 Anthony:  Tactical skirmish game and I feel like all those words together mighty me a little bit more than it actually is. It’s a fairly light game. Um, and essentially what you have you have 8 different miniatures representing 8 of the main characters from the show. Um, they’re all Heroes but you’re all gonna fight each other. And some of them aren’t really good Guys. So I don’t I don’t really know how how it all games out in terms of like knowing the show and I’m like these aren’t all Heroes but whatever. It’s not really a point of they have 8 different characters and they each have asymmetrical powers that you start with um as well as their own deck of Cards. So. Each of them comes with a deck of I think 16 cards that you can play with and the game plays 2 to 6 but it’s really 1 on 1 teams like there’s be a blue team or a red team and a purple team. So um, depending on how many players play.
11:29.69 Chris:  M.
11:40.99 Anthony:  You will either control 1 or 2 of the heroes and and then there is the variant to play 5 or 6 players where you can play up to 3 heroes so there’s 6 maps in the in the box you can pick whichever 1 you want and kind of mess with the the layout you get to put your miniatures out. You’re going to shuffle up your deck and then. On your turn. You’re gonna have a hand of four to 7 cards based on how many miniatures you have if you have more than 1 hero that you’re managing you have cards from both of their decks in your hand, you’ll do like a smash up shuffle them together and draw more cards than you would normally if you just have 1 hero you just draw four cards from that Hero’s deck and you play with that. So there are. Some cards that require energy. You’ll start with a certain amount of energy on a die and every character will charge that energy in a different way. So some of them. It will be like every time you play a technique charge 1 every time someone attacks you charge another 1 or whatever it might be like it’s usually thematic to the character and then some of the cards will cost that energy. So. There’s a resource required to play some of the cards in your deck but the resource doesn’t come back to you at a normal pace. It’s going to be based on the situation of the game which is kind of cool because you can kind of manipulate and maneuver things you know like this character like 1 of the characters charges 2 energy every round if they don’t fight. So you want to keep them back in kind of a support role build up their energy and then come in and fight when they have a bunch of it to work with um so that’s kind of a cool mechanic. You also have a set amount of health the goal of the game is to win a certain amount of these little coins that represent victories over individual characters. So you just need to knock other people out a certain number of times when you get knocked out you stand right? back up the next round but you lost 1 of your lives The other team is 1 life closer to victory. So the game actually flows pretty quickly as a result you know I think the box says. 45 to sixty minutes but board game geeks is 15 to 30 that seems right like I played with my daughter who’s 6 and my wife because there is a fair amount of reading in here. So it’s a little bit too much for her at 6 years old she could get through the cards but the game would take 2 hours you know because it’s.
13:44.71 Chris:  Yeah.
13:50.42 Chris:  Yeah.
13:53.80 Anthony:  It’s it’d be too much to ask for. It wouldn’t be fair. So my wife played on her team and it I think we played in forty five minutes that was with the 6 year old so definitely not super superdu long. Um, it’s quick again. it’s it’s accessible but combat is fairly straightforward. It uses basic like miniatures on a gridbased system line of sight systems which is funny because to me I’m like that’s just how miniature games are and I had to explain line of sight to my wife and my daughter because he never done it before I was like I’m going to shoot you I’m like there’s a wall in the way they’re like what wall I like the.
14:15.88 Chris:  I do.
14:24.61 Chris:  I.
14:29.98 Anthony:  Red line. You can’t go through the Ri yet you got to go around it What about now and like no because you can’t draw a line between the okay hold on I’m gonna get a ruler. Um, so that was fun so we can upgrade now we can play the Arcadia Quest next. But I think.
14:31.34 Chris:  That’s right.
14:37.90 Chris:  Ah, ah.
14:44.40 Chris:  There you go nice.
14:48.24 Anthony:  Yeah, so I I honestly I think if you like Dragon princes. It’s fairly thematic like the characters are thematic to the individual. The the you know what their powers are and what their abilities are in the show. Um the mechanics are not like they’re not reinventing. You know. This this type of game but I like the card based system. There’s no dice. So it’s all deterministic. Well not deterministic. But yeah, obviously there’s randomness in the cards you draw. But there’s no dice. So there’s no randomness within combat. Um, there’s a counter in Perry system with the cards as well. So you never know if you’re actually going to win based on what you play. It’s good.
15:17.81 Chris:  Here.
15:27.47 Anthony:  I think it’s for what it is a 30 to forty dollars ip based game that’ll probably end up at target in Walmart soon enough. Um, the miniatures are decent quality. The cards are decent quality. The game plays smoothly and quickly and my daughter was very very happy. So.
15:32.87 Chris:  This is.
15:45.77 Anthony:  And as someone who likes a show I was pleasantly surprised. So it’s it’s a good play and if I think if you have kids especially like 8 nine 10 years old who like this show, you probably don’t be all in on it because it it does a good job with all of that. So yeah, check it out. Dragon prince battle charged.
15:52.91 Chris:  Yeah.
16:03.61 Anthony:  Ah, from brother wise games I think right now the only way to get is through their website but I’m sure it’ll be elsewhere very soon.
16:08.64 Chris:  Very cool. You know I mean I Love any game that is a step towards Arcadia Quest. In fact, you mentioned like so much text I mean Arcadia Quest doesn’t have a lot of text so this might fit really well. But it’s also great when they take an I p.
16:20.32 Anthony:  Right.
16:27.42 Chris:  And they actually do a good game right? because I think there was such a long time where our childhood was like mashed and like sold off in like the worst ways possible and now you’re actually you know having like kids you know shows come out with like Ip products.
16:27.94 Anthony:  Yeah.
16:46.20 Chris:  And they’re actually good games. You’re like okay I’m kind of happy about this. But I have like all of that child to trauma of like all of those early Nintendo games that was like you know like the 1 cut scene that they made it look like that was the actual gameplay but it was never the gameplay.
16:52.30 Anthony:  Um, I know.
17:05.18 Anthony:  ah ah yeah, yeah, yeah no and it’s cool too because I feel like we’re getting a lot of games like this and they’re like there’s miniatures and it’s based on an I p oh my gosh and then it’s on Kickstarter for 800 dollars right? We talked about this last week it’s destroying us stop it. Ah.
17:05.58 Chris:  And yeah here we here we go. So.
17:15.60 Chris:  And if.
17:21.55 Chris:  Please Dear God stop it? Ah yeah, that that’s.
17:23.19 Anthony:  So It’s Cool. So like when a small company like this picks up an I p and they’re like forty bucks comes with 8 miniatures. They’re not terrible. The game’s fine. Yeah, it’s great. Um I I do like this I you know obviously this is not. Big sweeping massive game that some people might want but it’s a kid’s show and I think it does a good job for what it’s asking.
17:46.17 Chris:  Agreed all right? So I want to talk about a game that you know ah talk about games from like our childhood I mean this is not a childhood game. This is a game probably from I don’t know it’s it seems kind of like forever but 7 or 8 years ago 1 of my favorite games that was out there and 1 of the games that was often in my top 1 hundred it kind of like it bounced it in and out around. You know, 95 to 100 was a game that came out two thousand and five called shadow hunters. Now if you’ve listened to the podcast for any length. You know that I am not the biggest fan of social deduction games. It’s just there’s just not enough in the game for me to really you know I don’t know sink my teeth in for you know pun intended I guess so when. Fangs came out and I was like huh shed hunters I haven’t seen since you know 2005 it’s been out of print. It was a great game because it was social deduction but you had specific roles. It wasn’t just good guys versus bad guys. It was you know. Demon hunters versus the demons and you also had humans or I think and I think in the shadow hunters version. It was unique so you had these unique characters that did different things and had different ways to win the game because typically bad guys. Good guys didn’t really matter. 1 side tried to beat the other side and then there was this kind of random combination of odd characters that won through their own means and again that really made the game the odd characters and some of the interactions because sometimes since you didn’t know who was on your team. You would often attack your own team members which was kind of funny because you’re like why are you shooting me like I didn’t know you are my team. So um, it was really funny I think it reminds me of you know a study of studying emerald I think the the cthulu game where you’re not sure if you’re a loyalist or such.
19:47.81 Anthony:  Earth.
19:53.47 Chris:  So this game has been out of print for a while shadow hunters and it’s a game that I always really liked. But it’s been unavailable. The prices have been cartoonishly high. It had good artwork. It had some problematic text I mean it was a translation but fangs came out and. We’re lucky enough that cosmos sent us a copy of fangs and instead of the giant kind of large box with the large board and everything here we got fangs and it’s about a fourteen fifteen dollars game. It’s much smaller. It’s almost entirely cards. There’s a couple of game pieces. There’s. 2 pieces of boards that come together and 2 dice but it plays almost identically to shadow hunters with some upchange on some of the characters some changes in the rules. Ah you know a little modification here and there in the locations now what’s really interesting about fangs. And I should say the whole title because otherwise you may not find it which is fangs werewolves versus vampires versus humans and why I don’t know why I don’t know why I don’t know why this title I don’t know why you need to.
20:57.68 Anthony:  Ah, yeah.
21:06.73 Chris:  Blame that all out. It doesn’t make any like shadow hunters that seems pretty cool but you werewols versus vampires versus humans and then you also throw in Fangs I don’t know and then I don’t know if you’re watching this on youtube and again you have Youtube please.
21:11.60 Anthony:  Yeah.
21:25.80 Chris:  Follow us on youtube because we we definitely need to get the subscribes up there because we’re putting this out there for you and this is honestly the only place you’re going to be able to see this box cover here and fangs is very much what you think fangs would be which is kind of like some really kind of thrown together art pieces. Of like legally distinct I don’t know like it’s from a bunch of different shows. It’s definitely twilight characters and it’s also true blood characters and then it’s just like I guess like really cheesy romance novel. Vampire werewolf characters. So it’s just so weird and odd and I really missed a shadow hunter artwork which was really cool and really dynamic. This is kind of confusing but again this is a game that’s all about trying to figure out. Who’s on your team and if you’re a human, you’re typically on your own team trying to find your own wing condition. But the game itself again you know social deduction. But again, you don’t know who’s on your team every person in the game has their own specialized. Ah, power ability so there are the humans so you have let me just pull out. Someone’s oh maybe you’ve ever heard of Bella the human who’s in a vampire game I don’t know how that happened I know.
22:48.60 Anthony:  Oh my God Such a subtle reference.
22:54.59 Chris:  But each of the characters and and there’s a whole bunch of human characters. So I really like the fact that they put all a lot of characters in here I think the original game had like a good set of characters but the expansion really kind of opened it up here. You do have a really a lot of different characters each of the characters has a different hit point limit. So their health is kind of different depending on which character and they each also have a special ability so here are the werewolves here and again it’s it’s just kind of funny I mean some of this. Maybe it’s so Bad. It’s good. Kind of thing. It’s almost there that I would recommend it just so Bad. It’s so good but you got your werewolves. And of course you got your vampires and they’re all kind of you know twilight-esque ah, or again, legally distinct twilight ask I I don’t want to get cosmo in trouble with that. But you get your character and then there’s these location cards. So. So basically what you do on the on the game board is you set up these different locations. Roll the dice you land on location. You do the thing on the location which typically is getting you cards not always but typically gets you cards 1 of the really cool cards is like these oracle cards where it allows you to give 1 of these cards these green cards out to other players and it gives you a clue. If that player is a werewolf for a human or a vampire because it might do damage to them or basically they have to respond honestly to it. So here comes some of the social deduction like right off the bat then there’s equipment. There’s good equipment that’s going to give you healing effects and protection abilities. And then there’s really like straight up kind of attacking equipment or stuff that will also damage. You. It’s not as dynamic and as explosive as the original shadow hunters game but fangs I’m not going to say the whole title but fangs actually does a really good job of straightening out the text. About balancing some of the players out there and again it’s primarily the same game other than a few artistic touches a few cards that come into play here. It’s primarily the same game for like a quarter of the price that you get shadow hunters for. And because of that and because the gameplay for a non-social deduction gamer has so much game to it honestly I’m gonna give this game a buy and I and I and it’s really hard to say that because the artwork really. Just I just can’t look directly at the artwork. But if you don’t look directly at the artwork or if you really have fun with the artwork if you really turn it into like such a b movie kind of thing this gain for this price considering the other games out of print and clearly not coming back.
25:43.75 Chris:  Is well worth your money. Well worth your times. Fangs werewolves versus vampires versus humans gets a buy and I’m as a shocked as you are I Love that.
25:52.00 Anthony:  I love shadow hunters I know yeah what when it came in and you were like the only thing you said to me. Ah, when we talked about this last week when because when it showed up in the mail you’re like oh this artwork this artwork this artwork and I was like yeah, it’s terrible. That’s all I got I so I thought that’s.
26:03.56 Chris:  And as it’s so bad.
26:11.90 Anthony:  Thought it’s the Ro We were going down but the gameplay wins because the gameplay in this is very good if they didn’t change that it’s I could see it’s It’s definitely by.
26:16.81 Chris:  The gameplay wins. But honestly, what moves it to a buy is the price because otherwise I would say just look away play the game and just take it as a play. Don’t buy it but take us by but the price point is so reasonable for like fifteen bucks.
26:22.15 Anthony:  A yeah.
26:32.90 Anthony:  Right.
26:34.85 Chris:  You get a really good social deduction game and it really does play just like shadow hunters. It’s just the component. The artwork is not as good but the price is so great. So for that. Yeah, it fits well and again picking up now. It’s really good for Halloween I think this is a good game that a lot of people will enjoy. Again, have fun with the artwork. It’s so Bad. It’s good kind of situation. all all right so let’s get on our feature review. So our feature of you This week is obviously 1 of our favorite conventions eshmspiel 2000 21 but we are taking the hottest games that are happening. We’re throwing them over to Anthony:  he’s putting that through his magical calculations to figure out which of all of the hotness is the hottest of the hotness and then bringing it to you so that you could pick out those great games. And maybe actually get them to the table before the end of the year so Anthony:  eschenspiel 2000 and 21. What’s the hotness. My friend.
27:35.44 Anthony:  All right? Yes, so using the very scientific calculations that I’ve definitely done in my own head not using board game Geeks filter at all. We’re going to look at the hottest games people are looking forward to at eison these are also. Very much overlapping with the hotness on board game geek as a whole right now. So that’s again, we’re kind of merging the 2 hence the hotness of the episode. Ah first 1 on the list is ahead by a decent length. So if you if you look at the hotness and it maybe it’ll change at some point. But right now it’s number 1.
27:57.37 Chris:  Spin.
28:10.45 Anthony:  Is bitokku. This is a new game from devere and it looks beautiful If you haven’t had a chance to look at it yet looks a little busy but it looks beautiful. So um, so a little busy but the ah the thing that caught my attention is.
28:12.19 Chris:  Ooh.
28:19.51 Chris:  Um, you want to say that again.
28:29.46 Anthony:  David Tur’s here in the solo mode because that’s just what he does right? That’s his thing but his elevator pitch for the game is it’s a heavy Euro version of arnac but your workers are dice and you never roll them so worker dice placed worker placement and kind of ah.
28:30.29 Chris:  So.
28:46.92 Anthony:  Spin on the arnac formula I don’t know what that looks like in the end. But apparently it’s spirits in a forest so yeah that’s that’s the 1 everybody’s looking for right now. It’s number 1 on the hot is.
28:58.87 Chris:  I mean I love the idea of this but it is certainly 1 of those games where you need to wear sunglasses because it has almost like that strobe feature where it’s so bright and so colorful that you look at the game board and you look at the dice you’re like oh no, and yeah.
29:08.80 Anthony:  Is.
29:18.16 Chris:  And it’s and it’s kind of kind of a little bit of like a spirited away Princess Princess manoke kind of knock go off but I’m I’m not hating that either I Hate to say it but I’m not hating that either and I think this is this is a departure for.
29:26.20 Anthony:  No, no, no.
29:33.58 Chris:  Ah, devere I haven’t seen anything this colorful this dynamic before from their catalog.
29:37.10 Anthony:  Yeah, they’re pretty diverse but I feel like they tend to lean more on the historical side with their theming. So this is very fantastical. Yeah yeah, me too. So and it’s you know for all of our American listeners which is most of you. Ah, we don’t know when it’s coming here either. So don’t ask. Ah.
29:41.74 Chris:  So definitely. Yeah so I’m really looking for this. It’s awesome. Yeah.
29:50.86 Chris:  Yeah, we have no idea supposedly October but that’s laughable so we’ll just we’ll just kind of go. Yeah.
29:56.97 Anthony:  Don’t know that’s not happening all right next up this 1 should be high on your list. Chris:  Messina Thirteen forty seven from delicious games. A new game from vladimir Suchi with. Co-designer Raul Fernandez aricio.
30:14.43 Chris:  There Like honestly I was like a little kid in a candy store when I heard that he was coming out with a new game I Love Vladimir Suchi He’s my favorite designer and I have a lot of favorite designer but he’s my favorite of favorites. The 1 thing here is that just I like. You know I felt like a cartoon character like the bottom just dropped out of me. This is all about the black death. This is about the plague the epidemic that you know, ravaged Europe and you know, especially Italy you know and I just was like him. It.
30:40.58 Anthony:  Yup.
30:52.13 Anthony:  Ah, yeah.
30:52.27 Chris:  I I Just can’t um I I want to I like the look of this game. You know as far as the way it’s laid out on the board. The graphic design and touch. But I just can’t I can’t play this now. It’s just and I know it sounds a little weird but honestly, it’s just too soon I can’t I can’t play a game about ah ah you know pretty much a global pandemic.
31:05.34 Anthony:  Um, yeah. Um, yeah, yeah, it is. It’s it’s funny because when they first posted this there was nothing about the themings you were looking at the pictures you’re like oh it’s it’s pretty It’s got these big huge boards. It looks interesting and and at a certain point I’m like.
31:11.88 Chris:  I Just man I love you but I can’t I can’t now I can’t ah.
31:23.20 Chris:  But.
31:29.79 Anthony:  Is it possible. He just started designing. This is this like a therapy game or is it just a coincidence did he retheme it like where did this come from and why were they release it now I don’t know but.
31:32.60 Chris:  I haven’t.
31:42.40 Chris:  It’s so look I I appreciate vlaimir suchi again like I said so much in delicious games because I I love you know, underwater cities to the ends of the earth that was like my number 1 game of the year I don’t know if this is just tone deaf or like you said that this was. So far in production and so thematic that they couldn’t they couldn’t switch the theme here and I don’t know I just I can’t I can’t understand why you’d bring this out now I just don’t I’m sorry like if this doesn’t bother you more power to you vladimir suchi’s a genius but I just.
32:09.39 Anthony:  Um, yeah yeah I I mean some people go the opposite direction like I’m 1 hundred percent with you I don’t want to play anything to do with the pandemic right now. But ah, some people go the opposite direction like Pandemic the board game head.
32:16.20 Chris:  It just seems so weird that they did this.
32:26.10 Chris:  China.
32:27.40 Anthony:  Record sales all through the pandemic people process things in different ways. So I don’t know.
32:30.51 Chris:  Yeah, no like I said more power T If you’re able to do that I think you know sometimes words show up because of situations and people like oh that’s a game like yeah, it’s a game. Ah so it’s a game. So yeah, it’s a game.
32:44.31 Anthony:  Yeah, all right? So ah next 1 up on the list. Ah next handful here. Actually we’ve already talked about a little bit lost ruins of arnac expedition leaders. So I’m very jealous this is coming out.
33:01.00 Chris:  I can see.
33:01.83 Anthony:  In europe before it’s coming out here because I want this game right now and it comes out like the day you’re listening to this podcast. It’s out available and I don’t have it and I want it so someone get it bring it here. Um, it’s asymmetrical powers new cards new challenges for. Harnak my 1 of my games of the year last year. So yes, really really want this? um another what oh sorry, go ahead.
33:22.62 Chris:  Um, yeah I mean not but not a big. So no no I got to jump in here Anthony:  because I I do love this game too and again it’s 1 of those situations where it’s 1 of the are I think 1 of our episodes. We jump Back. We talked about all the different types of. Board game expansions I think that’s episode 3 33 again because asymmetrical powers on top of a regular fun. Great game is amazing. It’s just like you know that game you love? Well you get a special power that does a thing and I’m like down for that. So. Yeah I love this and the artwork looks fantastic again, they they continue to do a great job at this game here and I’m really looking forward to the leaders here. So.
34:09.82 Anthony:  Yep, absolutely yeah, it’s probably my most anticipated from this list and it’s just like a little thirty dollars expansion like I want it. Ah next up probably number 2 I my most anticipated is golem from cranial creations with brasini.
34:11.37 Chris:  Exciting I know love it.
34:20.63 Chris:  He asked.
34:26.70 Chris:  Wow.
34:26.21 Anthony:  Gili and luciani this game officially releases I think at the end of the year but they will have copies at ss so there will be a few hundred people who have this before the rest of us and I’m very jealous of all of you. Ah, and it.
34:31.21 Chris:  Oh.
34:40.67 Anthony:  Still can’t quite wrap my head around what this game is supposed to be doing but it looks like it’s taking some of the ideas from lorenzo and some of the ideas from Grand Austria and some of the ideas from the lorenzo card game blendering it up and here we go like.
34:52.48 Chris:  can I can I can I stop the podcast for one second just run through this a little bit so by paying Manna you can activate your golum placed in the city of prague and then you 1 of the other actions is obtain clay to create new golems. And upgrade the developments on your personal board and then you’re able to move and attack and influence other characters I just like when we I remember like seeing the box cover for this and I’m like this is amazing like this is an abyss level.
35:24.10 Anthony:  And.
35:27.97 Chris:  Type of box cover. This is an iconic box cover like we’re gonna look back at board games and this is just going to own its own area and then just seeing some pictures of the gameplay you’re like they really did this. They really went all out here. This is a this seems like you said Anthony:  they took all of their best or at least a lot of their best kind of. Different mechanics that they’ve used before in other games and they put it all in 1 spot and it’s really amazing. The artwork is weird and twisted and amazing and I’m like really excited about it I’m like and there’s marbles and golums. And yeah, why not.
35:57.28 Anthony:  Ah, yeah.
36:04.77 Anthony:  Everything do it.
36:06.72 Chris:  Ah, but yeah, looks great. What’s great.
36:11.44 Anthony:  Yes, yeah, I’m super excited for this I yeah I guess that’s probably number 2 for me. Ah and it would be closer I think if I didn’t think that I probably wouldn’t be able to get my hands on this until like March of next year most likely. So.
36:25.37 Chris:  Dude, that’s not a problem just get your goblem to pick it up. That’s all I’m saying.
36:28.67 Anthony:  Ah I don’t even know who’s distributing this here is it C on again, is it asthma day. Nobody tells me I don’t know call me. Yeah you oh nice I’m on it. Let’s call mattel.
36:32.69 Chris:  Ah, Jeez no 1 ne’s somebody it’ll get it’ll get call you yeah playto plato’s distributing this playto. That’s that’s what I’m going with? Thanks yeah.
36:48.33 Anthony:  Um, all right next on the list. We’ve got Boone lake new game from alexander fister this was up for preoder from capstone here in the us back in the summer so I believe it’s coming this fall and it is another fister’s been on a roll at least making games with themes that are not problematic. So. Good on you man. Um, this is about a group of pioneers leaving civilization behind and settling on Boone lake and you kind of move around the lake and take various actions. Got it some Maricybo vibes for sure. Ah and doing what fitzster does best reimplementing some of the basics of his other games. But again.
37:10.90 Chris:  That’s great. So.
37:27.86 Anthony:  Not as problematic in doing So so thumbs up there.
37:30.80 Chris:  Thanks for not being problematic. It is yeah you’re not kidding about it. Yeah yeah de beers kicking. Yeah.
37:33.38 Anthony:  We appreciate it. We like your games and I actually want to play them. Thank you? Oh yep, all right next up we got Luna capital also from deveer games. Okay i.
37:49.83 Chris:  Love it.
37:51.50 Anthony:  Yeah, this game is a car drafting and ti placement game ah about building the luna capitals. You’ve got cool little you know cartoonish artwork of I guess like Fifty s style like space tourism type of stuff. Um.
37:55.46 Chris:  And.
38:05.13 Chris:  Daniel.
38:07.76 Anthony:  It looks super cute I don’t know a ton about it but it does look cute and I would like to play it.
38:11.84 Chris:  Yeah I agree 1 hundred percent on this. This definitely has 1 of those kind of you know it’s not terraforming Mars it’s definitely like hey let’s have a good time out there and have fun with all this and like you said the artwork here is just really evocative and a lot of fun. Yeah I want this too. Yeah.
38:29.27 Anthony:  Yeah, hundred percent all right next up, we’ve got a game corduba twenty seven ac all right? So every now and then we do these lists and something pops up and it’s a first time designer.
38:37.80 Chris:  Okay, okay, ah yeah, absolutely by by. Ah.
38:46.19 Anthony:  From a company that I don’t really know anything about. And that’s all I got I don’t Um, though it’s it’s it.
38:56.54 Chris:  I Thought you I mean it’s a Euro game right? So right? you’re.
38:59.54 Anthony:  It is yeah and at first glance, it looks like it’s going to be a war game. It’s about ancient rome it’s about Julius his caesar bringing people together. It’s about you know, dealing with the civil war at the time. Um, but it is an area control map based type of game. It’s a euro ah.
39:04.65 Chris:  Ah, ah.
39:13.97 Chris:  Who.
39:17.90 Anthony:  I don’t know much more beyond that there obviouslys a huge blurb here on board game geek but I’m not going to bore all and read it. Ah ah but it it. It looks really nice. It’s got a good design to it. It’s got um, looks like Poly ominos going into play to help build out the city in addition to the in you know the economy that you’re building up. So. It’s got all the pieces that should make me happy I just haven’t been able to wrap my head around what it’s doing.
39:43.95 Chris:  I’ll tell you what though you know I think that it does get to a point where you play enough games that you’re able to kind of visualize the board and get a sense of this This is interesting I definitely would sit down and play this for sure.
39:55.52 Anthony:  Oh yeah, for sure. Yeah, if it’s not a work game I’m in like I love historical games just I don’t want to play work game. That’s all all right next up we got silver coin age of Monster hunters guess what? this is.
39:58.45 Chris:  So what’s good.
40:13.33 Chris:  Um I don’t know is it Monster hunters. Ah yeah, oh yeah, no no I’m out a map out I’m super out like.
40:15.92 Anthony:  Yeah, it’s it’s a game with nineteen mechanics listed on Board game Geek with you run around and you you hunt stuff? Yep, ah.
40:31.30 Chris:  Some like I I just said sometimes you can look at a board or look at a table and you’re like I’m in this 1 I’m looking at it with like 3000 pieces on there and like just barely anything on the map and I’m like nope I’m good. It’s like yeah.
40:43.80 Anthony:  Yeah I think this 1 ne’s is on the hotness here because it was a kickstarter all the kickstarter backers are in here thumbing it up because they’re gonna be able to come see the game. It’s not shipping yet. So I don’t think this is meant for the rest of us this is for the people who backed it and who are in this kind of game. So good on ya i’m.
40:49.50 Chris:  So yeah, yeah.
40:54.69 Chris:  So yeah. Yeah.
41:02.39 Anthony:  I Mean it looks interesting from that perspective. But yeah, it’s a big solo cooperative competitive miniatures running around killing stuff game. And yeah, there’s too many. There’s too many.
41:11.13 Chris:  It’s just I always have a problem where a game tries to do all of the things and maybe in this case with the Kickstarter backer money. They’ve they’ve been able to do all the things but it’s always like a bridge too far.
41:13.57 Anthony:  Yeah.
41:25.48 Chris:  But maybe this is the 1 time they do it so more power to if you can get it across that bridge. Yeah, sounds good and.
41:30.22 Anthony:  Yeah, hundred percent all right next up we’ve got ah cascadia which we talked about a couple weeks ago. We don’t have to rehash all that it’s a buy. It’s amazing. Check it out if you can I don’t think it’s available right now but you could find it all sorts of places in the future. Um.
41:42.96 Chris:  And.
41:47.65 Anthony:  It’s a wonderful kingdom which takes it’s a wonderful world and kind of reimagines it with like medieval type of stuff instead of like the future type of stuff. Um card drafting game. It’s 1 to 2 players though instead of the 2 to four. So it’s kind of a re implement the replementation or rethinking of how that works.
41:54.10 Chris:  Sure.
42:07.53 Anthony:  Um, nineteen twenty 3 cotton club this is from looping games. It is about running a club in nineteen twenty s new york so like ah the jazz club. Um, it looks really interesting. It’s like a worker placement style mechanic.
42:21.69 Chris:  Click.
42:23.77 Anthony:  It’s all card based it comes in like 1 of those small looping box games. Um, they’ve released a whole bunch of stuff recently. But the 1 I played personally most recently that really in drove is 1980 seven channel tunnel was from them and nineteen eleven was also from them I think fantasy realms might even have been them too. So.
42:34.92 Chris:  So.
42:40.71 Chris:  Yeah, yeah.
42:43.75 Anthony:  They’re really hitting a lot of these smaller box games and this 1 looks really interesting. It’s a different theme like jazz clubs in the twenty s um, it’s 2 to four players instead of the 2 players of some of their other games. So I’ll definitely check this out once it’s available for the rest of us. Ah.
42:58.50 Chris:  So.
43:02.62 Anthony:  Um, all right? Great western trail second edition. It’s it’s great western trail again. Um, the new stuff’s coming next year so well we’ll circle back to that when it’s actually new, not just new artwork. Um a nova this is from ferlin spiel. And therefore also capstone games here in the us. It’s a game about designing and running a zoo to support conservation projects. So there are a handful of games about making zoos not as many as you’d expect but a lot recently.
43:22.92 Chris:  And.
43:40.96 Anthony:  Um, new york zoo came out last year and I feel like there was another 1 that came out not too long ago as well. So um, it seems to have like a kind of a similar like long board track to it. But um I don’t know it’s 1 to four players. It’s. Looks like a decently heavy game 2 to 3 hours economic euro game about building a zoo so to those games typically are a little bit smaller and more accessible for Families. So this is interesting. It’s like like taking like a sim zoo approach to it. Um.
44:12.90 Chris:  In.
44:19.70 Anthony:  All right dune house secrets This is from Portal games. This is the other dune game not imperium. Ah, it’s a reimplementation of detective a modern crime board game which I love I Think that’s games fan too. It’s a fantastic game. Yes.
44:23.68 Chris:  Ah.
44:32.54 Chris:  Nope that’s good game that game’s good. That game’s good. This is not good now we’ll do that. Don’t do that. Dune’s a good dude dude’s an amazing series of books. Some.
44:39.60 Anthony:  But then Dune it’s not good.
44:47.99 Chris:  Questionable but good movies and I haven’t seen the new 1 yet but don’t hold me to that I haven’t seen the new movie yet. This is weird. This is just weird stop doing that stop it stop it.
44:53.83 Anthony:  Yeah. Ah I Just don’t even know how it works like what mysteries are they solving it’s they’re not detectives. Ah okay, every time.
45:06.90 Chris:  I’ll tell you who did it. It was the worm. Okay, who’s the worm I’m spoiling it for you. It’s like the Butler of course it’s the worm I don’t no I don’t yeah yeah.
45:15.26 Anthony:  Yeah, because the whole thing with and maybe it’s just they’re using like the the app mechanics but the whole thing with detective is like you go into the app you take notes as a whole database of stuff and then you go online and you find things from the links. It’s very very thematically integrated to the mechanics.
45:23.22 Chris:  A.
45:31.30 Chris:  Yeah, yeah.
45:33.45 Anthony:  Don’t know how they reimplemented it for something like Dune which is like not ah, not remotely close to that thematic. Maybe it works I don’t know nobody’s there’s not like a lot of reviews up here yet. But I don’t know man I’ll stick with imperium I like that.
45:45.67 Chris:  Um.
45:53.10 Anthony:  It’s fine and then you know the expansion’s coming soon. So hopefully we get some better balance stuff to the issues. We talked about with that game all right moving on. We’ve got void fall they’re doing some demos there for people who want to try being.
45:56.34 Chris:  Sure.
46:04.15 Chris:  And which is it’s weird that they do that I mean honestly, it’s weird that they do that I don’t know why.
46:08.10 Anthony:  Kickstarter is going to be over by the end of this week I think so it doesn’t really matter for backing it. But.
46:18.51 Chris:  I don’t know why the convention and again a lot of this is production a lot of this is distribution. So I make I’m I’m saying silly things. But as somebody who would like to see and or play something before I back a 200 dollars game on kickstarter I don’t know why they don’t do do demos. Like why don’t they have like it’s shown at a convention and then you could back. It get some buzz get some reviews. That’s all I’m saying because I if this game avoidfuls very good I’m gonna be kicking myself but I’m not dropping 2 to 50 on this game I’m just not yeah.
46:51.49 Anthony:  No now. Yeah I’m I’m hedging my bets on it but ah like I I’m in there for a little bit just to watch but I I can’t go in all and all in on it yet.
47:02.29 Chris:  Yeah, ters’s amazing Mind Clash is amazing E and O tools amazing and so it’s like it’s almost like a given I’m not saying it’s not I Just we’ve already talked about this. Let’s not go back. Wo.
47:15.63 Anthony:  Ah, now we go back to our forty minute conversation last week as we talk ourselves out of this. Okay, all right? So let’s just knock out a couple more here. Um, welcome to the moon. The third spin on the welcome to.
47:23.36 Chris:  That’s right.
47:33.82 Chris:  Ah, now what.
47:34.71 Anthony:  Formula I Like this like we’re getting a lot of games now of like quirky fifty s trips to the moon. But what’s going on with that.
47:39.98 Chris:  I guess I mean I generally this is the theme that I like more than the other 2 more than like suburbia and more than las vegas but I’m just like I’m a it’s I don’t know i. I feel happy for people who have not played the game and could pick their choice of welcome to because I would pick welcome to the Moon I Honestly would I haven’t played it yet. But this would probably be my version I have welcome to already. But yeah so I know.
48:01.19 Anthony:  Right? right.
48:12.29 Anthony:  This 1 has a campaign which is interesting to me. Um, so the first game is pretty static. It’s pretty straightforward. It’s accessible. That’s the reason it’s the most popular 1 and you can buy all the other sheets if you want different things. The second game took that basic formulated me.
48:16.30 Chris:  Yeah.
48:19.90 Chris:  Yeah. O. Yeah, yeah, yeah, nope.
48:29.57 Anthony:  Way overcomplicated it to the point where I was like I didn’t enjoy playing it because the game was twice as long and it was hard to wrap your head around all the things you’re supposed to do wasn’t a lot of fun if if they can find a middle ground between those where it’s a little bit more like maybe the complexity you get and welcome to when you add 1 of the special sheets.
48:42.10 Chris:  And sure.
48:48.85 Anthony:  And the creativity you got and welcome to las vegas but with a campaign maybe it works I don’t know I I still like welcome to it’s 1 of my favorite role or flip and rights. But vegas was not a hit for me at all so I will wait and see on this 1
48:57.63 Chris:  Yeah, cool.
49:05.63 Anthony:  All right journey to the center of the Earth this 1 Ne’s also from looping games and designer Alberto Milan who has worked on a handful of other games recently. But they’re all kind of hitting Simultaneously. So. I haven’t heard of a lot of them either a Paradox University Sherlock among the graves cappaocia. Um, and so this is a looks like a paper and pencil I don’t see any dice but flipping right? Some kind of right game. So um, you can always tell what it says like 1 to fifty players that it’s you’re writing on a piece of paper to figure out what you’re doing So I’ve kind of burned out on these games Personally they got to be really creative for me Now you were never in on Them. So I don’t know if we’re the audience for this at the moment.
49:50.56 Chris:  True. That’s true.
50:00.31 Chris:  Nope Ah, you did no, there weren’t ah.
50:04.28 Anthony:  I Bought a lot of them most of them weren’t great. So oh man, let’s see here if we got anything else worth looking at. Okay so 1 more I wanted to upset.
50:15.39 Chris:  And oh they’re good. Well I think the biggest game for me that may or may not cup be coming out again. This is 1 of those things where it’s it was announced for esin is.
50:21.21 Anthony:  I was just moving on so I don’t know if you’d have anything else to yeah.
50:34.75 Chris:  Is a game that’s been kind of like talked about a lot. It’s brazil imperial and that’s a euro for x game based on Brazil’s imperial times. It has a very good balance of historical accuracy but also.
50:52.25 Chris:  Real representation of the people and of the times and the artwork here is gorgeous. The gameplay here has been like talked about forever like this is if if this is released this is going to probably be the game that I’m going to be sweating throughout the whole year trying to get because it really has so many of the dynamics I love four x games to have a euro version of this you know I love space. But this is even more so you know and again I think this is a lot of fun. So this would be my es and spiel game I number 1 that I’d be looking for.
51:25.87 Anthony:  yeah yeah I forgot that 1 was even on the list. It was like on the next page down but that super hyped. Yeah.
51:31.56 Chris:  It’s been coming out Forever Forever This game’s been coming out So I’m not surprised because again this game is like oh it’s coming. This is really cool and you’re like oh my God This is really cool and then next thing you know it’s just like it’s still coming out but supposedly it’s coming out. So. Again I’d recommend taking a look at this here I think it’s it’s It’s a stunning looking game. There’s you know again, it’s that Euro X model that they’re kind of trying to bring into play here explore expand Exploit and Exterminity. Ah, but it’s resource management management but it does have the combat but it does have that kind of euro. Mechanism kind of built into the mix and I love that I Love when they they take a tried and true theme but they really try to bring something new to play and Euro mechanics are great because if you are building up a country if you’re building up an army like if you’ve ever played a real time strategy game. It’s all about the economy. It’s not about the military action you have to have the economy in order to succeed growing your civilization so to speak. So yeah, that would be my my high recommendation there.
52:37.80 Anthony:  Yeah now I’m definitely with you man. So I’m glad you live closer now. So we don’t both have to buy this. Um probably we’ll see who can find it first because who knows when it’s coming out here. Um, there was another 1 too I wanted to mention was the expansion for bonfire.
52:42.99 Chris:  Are probably both going to buy it. But anyway it’s true.
52:56.65 Anthony:  Trees and creatures so stuff onfeld game that came out last year on fire was okay I gave it a play like it was a big box release of stuff for him. He’s got a few more now obviously because of kickstarter. But this is looks to address some of the issues I have with that game and then not be crazy expensive. So.
53:10.17 Chris:  Oh sure I honestly don’t I honestly don’t know why you care about this game anymore. You’re just gonna buy for 3 hundred dollars when he turns it into a city game. It’s gonna happen man. It’s gonna it’s gonna be pop up there. You.
53:14.66 Anthony:  Thumbs up to that.
53:18.68 Anthony:  And no no I’m out I didn’t I’m not backing those I’m out. We talked about this last week I’m out
53:29.35 Chris:  Yeah, oh my god ah all right? Well there you go our ehen spiel 2021 hotness list join us.
53:33.70 Anthony:  They broke it I don’t need to collect I can get rid of the felds I don’t like anymore because I can’t have them all. So.
53:48.72 Chris:  As we talk more about eschen spiel as it hits I guess everyone’s table. The convention gets out there. Please be safe if you are going to the convention. We definitely absolutely positively. Want to see you at the table at the next convention or hopefully maybe this time next year Anthony:  I will be out there as well. You never know all right? everyone so until next time this is Chris:  and we’ll save you all a seat at the table take care. Everyone see ya.
54:11.44 Anthony:  Hey and this is Anthony: .
54:19.74 Anthony:  Bye.
  • Anthony lives and plays games in Philadelphia, PA. A lover of complex strategy, two-player war games, and area control, Anthony is always eager to try a new game, even if he's on rule-reading duty.

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