Episode 94 – Suburbia vs. The Castles of Mad King Ludwig

This week we welcome back an old friend – one of our first non-review segments, VERSUS – and in what seems like a pretty straightforward comparison, we look at Suburbia and The Castles of Mad King Ludwig. Join Anthony, Chris, and Daniel as we dig deep into both games though and have a rather contentious vote on which game is better and worth your table time. We’re also talking about a boat load of Munchkin expansions, T.I.M.E. Stories and a whole lot of very pricey acquisition disorders (mostly from this wild fall of Kickstarters).

Shout it from the Tabletop

Acquisition Disorder Corner

This week in our acquisition disorder corner, Anthony kicks things off with a lengthy discussion and explanation of the current Super Dungeon Explore kickstarter (and all the many reasons he is interested in it). Chris dives into a new euro just around the corner from Stronghold Games in Porta Nigra and Daniel shows us yet another big box, incredibly detailed looking Kickstarter project with Blackout: Journey into Darkness.

At the Table

This week Anthony got a chance to run through the first scenario of T.I.M.E Stories, the unique, genre crossing mixup from Asmodee that just hit store shelves. Find out if the game manages to pull off its rather unique time travel mechanic or if there are a few things missing here that just don’t quite work. Chris then dives into a long list of expansions for Munchkin, giving you a quick and easy primer for which to buy and which to dodge.

Feature: Suburbia vs. The Castles of Mad King Ludwig

This versus feature has been on our calendar for some time and we’re excited to finally get it to the table with the newest expansions for both games just hitting shelves recently. Anthony, Chris and Daniel all weigh in on which of Ted Alspach’s room and city building games is better – Suburbia or The Castles of Mad King Ludwig. Find out which we prefer, why we leaned in that direction, and whether you agree. And by all means, if you don’t agree, please let us know in the comments below.

Final Round: Halloween Candy!

Last but not least, Drew asks us what game components we would give out on Halloween instead of candy if we had the opportunity. Find out which of our favorite components make good, kid-friendly treats on the spookiest night of the year.

Listen to Episode 94

  • Intro: Extra Life Charity: Board Game Geek List Auction!
  • Shout it From the Tabletop!
  • Acquisition Disorder: Super Dungeon Explore Legends,  Porta Nigra, Blackout: Journey into Darkness
  • At the Table: T.I.M.E Stories & Munchkin Expansions
  • Feature: Suburbia vs. Mad King Ludwig
  • Final Round

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  • Anthony lives and plays games in Philadelphia, PA. A lover of complex strategy, two-player war games, and area control, Anthony is always eager to try a new game, even if he's on rule-reading duty.

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